Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Angel Capital Summit Tickets - Dec 6-7 - $20 Discount

Discounts on Angel Capital Summit Tickets

From: Kevin Johansen, Group Administrator
To: All members, 'Angel Capital Summit 2010'

Hi All,

We're now in the process of releasing the ACS discount codes for you to use to get a discount on your ACS ticket(s)...

Some of you will receive multiple emails about this from multiple ACS Partners and other folk involved with the ACS. Your job is to pick the one most appropriate to your needs from the most appropriate sender.

If you're an ACS Finalist, you'll be receiving a code for one FREE ticket via regular email. Use of this code is audited, so please only use it once.

If you're an ACS Semi-Finalist - but were not selected to present - you receive one 50% off ticket (Cost: $59.50) to the 2 day event (Full price: $119). To use this code please go here - http://angelcapitalsummit.org/register - and enter in the coupon code 1ACSSEMI. (Please note that the use of this code is also audited and that it is intended for your one time use only.)

If you would like others on your team or in your personal network to attend, here's an additional code that will get them $20 off the $119 price for the event - ACSPART-4973. Please feel free to distribute this code via newsletter or your personal email, as its use is open ended.

If people in your network would like to attend just the Day 1 workshops, here's the current schedule - http://angelcapitalsummit.org/content/day-1-workshops. (And note that we're still working to add new ones...) Please have them register here - http://angelcapitalsummit.org/workshop_registration. Attending any or all of the ACS workshops costs just $39.

And thanks again for all of your help, ideas and patience! We've been told a number of times that the ACS is the largest investor fair in the U.S. This is *entirely* due to the ACS volunteers and the ACS Partner organizations. Specific to volunteers, once again we had hundreds of them engage. Some did stuff as simple & easy as re-Tweeting messages from @AngelCapital. Others put over 1,000 hours into producing the event. We - hard working folk sitting in the middle of this - deeply appreciate what you've all done and are doing, and we're very much looking forward to seeing you next Monday & Tuesday @ the ACS!

Kevin Johansen, Chair

Best Regards, Kenton H Johnson (.com), Prosper Systems (.biz), GOLD Pan Am (.com)
+1-303-770-4022(voice/text/fax), Skype KentonDenverCO (transfers to phone if not at computer)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Receive up to 250% on $10K-$300K bridge loans [updated]

You'll be excited to know about: bridge loans and $10K-$2B [yes, updated to 2 billion] business resources and funding.

WHO DO YOU KNOW with $10K-300K [updated] who wants to make 100%-250% interest? [update] YOU?

I'm working as the Chief Capital Officer (CCO) as required by Colorado law [update] with substantial companies that require bridge loans - $30K by 5/13 noon [completed], $220K more by 6/4 to complete a $500M purchase and others for $10K-$300K very soon [update].

Terms for most current bridge loan [updated]:

* Pays back starting within 90 days, in monthly payments over the next 9 months, as follows:

- 200% interest to lender [update]

- 50% to qualified lender representatives [update] (add this if you are the lender)

* Guaranteed by the company with substantial assets, with either new-funded monies or the company

* Pay order could be sold (like a note) or factored - who do you know?

WHY DO THEY NEED A MERE $220K? [update] No commingling of funds between projects; due diligence, bonds etc used project reserves; and bridge money faltered.

DETAILS - for lender representatives [update] - complete and sign the following Confidentiality Agreement, then I can send more detail:

Google Doc (easiest): https://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0AVMlosDD0PFTZHRtMnJoa18xMDNma2czenBjcw&hl=en

Word: https://docs.google.com/fileview?id=0B1MlosDD0PFTN2Y1NDczZDQtOWZkNC00MjJlLTkwOGUtNGU4YzI2NTAxZTVl&hl=en

Just scan and email to Kenton@ProsperSystems.biz (or fax to 888-446-5476 with a quick phone call or email so I know it is on its way).

Referrers to lender representives - email for important legal details [update].

To see the reality of this offer from a capitalization standpoint, here's a little math on a first-round capitalization that I know, similar to what I learned from a Master in 1992 [updated to clarify]:


* $10K returns $20K within 7 months, plus 1% equity and $30M profit over the next 4 years

* 1% profit = $300K

* Total = $320K = 3200% interest and the profits keep going after 4 years!

Now 200% interest makes great sense - eh?

Note: 200%/year over and over for 5 years is a 32-fold increase!

I'm CCO for other companies too, wanting $10K-300K @ 100% and 150% interest. Someone will jump at these too! [update]


* Focus on those with $500K++ in languishing funds,
* Remind them of the volatility of the stock and commodity markets
* Banks are not that secure these days
* They can speak to the project managers and engineers if they'd like
* Using certain IRA funds would create tax-free gains
* Their gain paid out of funding monies, not profits

MORE RESOURCES: In addition, my company has developed relationships with many of the excellent business talents, as well as several capital sources from $10K to $2B, CALL FOR DETAILS!

Best Regards, Kenton Johnson (.com) ProsperSystems.biz 303-770-4022

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Prosper Systems Real Estate Investment Team


Our team, including our exclusive Commercial Realtor®, has an average of more than 30 investments to date each in seven statesOur investments have been in all types of properties, with a focus being multifamily housing.

Our exclusive Commercial Realtor knows:

·  Property Management has owned and managed more than 1000 multifamily units in 7 states
·  Purchased multiple property types including industrial, retail, land and multifamily
·  Can assist in the evaluation of property values and has done for various county courts
·  Negotiate all aspects of the transaction
·  Provide information on Alternative financing options
·  Experienced with equity trading with multiple properties and types of properties
·  Provide educated opinions on current rental rates, opportunity for expansion and investment potential

Our Realtor favors us as a loyal, exclusive client, providing:

·  The best, earliest deals
·  Priority on showings
·  Prequalification of properties based upon investment needs
·  The inside track on new listings
·  Trade opportunities to help expand your portfolio

Posted from Google Docs file:  http://TeamRE.ProsperSystems.biz