Sunday, January 31, 2016

Opportunities - Colorado Water Devel, Ecuador Oil Contract JV, Oil to Turkey, O&G Production Buyer, Large Project/Asset Buyer - Financial​​ Partners / Referrals Appreciated

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Hello Fellow Collaborators:  Opportunities growing already this year.  Join in as referrer, direct or participant.


We are consulting with clients to find them equity, debt, cash flow and other kinds of funding, per  

Colorado Municipal Water-Treatment Plant Development

Denver-Area, veteran business owner, geologist and developer, leads a stellar team to source, secure and treat water in high-demand regions, contracted with Colorado municipalities then beyond.  
SEEKS:  us$6.9mm, equity and debt, for two projects - $2.9mm and $4mm

Ecuadorian Oil Contract

Two seasoned, global players facilitating a JV with a 120,000 BOPD operator in Ecuador for a us$1Bn deal.
SEEKS:  us$500mm JV-Equity Partner


Oil to Turkish Port

NYSE-listed company refines in excess if 2.5 billion per year.  
SEEKS:  Strong Seller to deliver 1mm BBL per month to Turshish Port


SEEK:  Qualifying Sellers, us$10M to $200mm++

Which includes O&G Production Purchaser

Long-Time US-based organization buying 20-49% of oil production, per 
       SEEK:  US/Canadian Oil and Gas Operations with at least 1,000 BOEPD

UPCOMING PROJECTS (in final negotiations)

Texas Oil Operations 

Well-seasoned organization acquiring us$93mm in Producing Oil Operations.
SEEKS:  80% LTV loan on intial, us$18mm property.​​
Will discuss structure for additional properties. 

If you are, or have a financial source, please contact me immediately.  WE'LL WORK ON:

  • on equity providers which will be added to


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"We have major funding and purchasing resources available for quick turnaround on ready-to-go projects ... for clients."