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Merry Christmas and GIFTS for a Lucrative 2015!

Dear Collaborators - for You and your Family: 

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Please reply to me with referrals, and here with questions.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Advisory Opportunities, Lucrative Referrals, Hot New Buyers/Funders, Skype Texting Auto-Translator

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Reminder: startups, expansions and even mature organizations welcome Advisors with your high qualifications.  Network to find those opportunities, and engage in that conversation at every opportunity.  Ask for a SMALL EQUITY POSITION versus a stipend to greatly exceed $30-$60K per year over the life of the company. 


We are off to the Carolinas for my lady's and my Annual Birthday Celebration Trip:  

  • Raleigh, late Sep 19th through the 21st

  • Charlotte - meet Alan Adler in the afternoon, McLain Hall in the evening, 22nd

  • Myrtle Beach, 23rd

  • Wilmington or Havelock, 24th

  • Cape Hatteras, 25-26th

  • Raleigh and home, 27th

Selling, Buying (HOT BUYERS) and Funders

We are now focused heavily on Selling and Buying - see  So ... WHO DO YOU KNOW to meet at or between cities, who you'd refer for our, especially:

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OBVIOUSLY, we are interested in ANY OTHER LOCATIONS to connect before or after the trip - so KEEP those REFERRALS coming - FILL YOUR PIPELINE.

Also, we have funder organizations that will pay us for referring well-vetted start-ups and expansions as a consultant, based on a FLAT 20-30% of the their EXPECTED funding fee.

FORWARD sales opportunities, buyers, start-ups or expansions to me, and earn 5% of my income - more work and you can move up to 20%.  Details at  A straight-forward introduction format is at


We have ClownFish TEXT translator working now on Skype, so we can do automatic translations from many languages into many other languages, even if the recipient has not implemented the ClownFish translator.  

If you chose to implement it, START at


RESPOND via blog comments, REPLY to me by the notification email or call.

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Being WEALTHY Comes from ‘SELF-CHARM’ versus a ‘Charmed Life’

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Opulent Hotels and Beaches south of Acapulco
In Libby Kane’s Business Insider article, “10 Ways Rich People Think Differently,” she describes Thomas Corley’s work and conclusions.  He spent five years monitoring and analyzing the daily activities and habits of both the Wealthy ($160K+ per year, liquid net worth of $3.2M+) and the Poor ($35K- annually, $5K- net liquid worth), and isolated "rich habits" - many simply patterns of thought, based on statements with which they identify.
Some think the Wealthy lead a “charmed life,” but most likely their successes and wealth are due to “self-charm:”  self-actualization, self-empowerment, etc (versus narcissism).
Rearranging the ten points in Ms Kane’s article, and combing two, we have the acronym SelfCharm for being Wealthy:
  • Save - regularly investment - is hugely important.
  • Enjoy one’s work - jobs or business ownership.
  • Likability and consistently developing relationships are highly valuable for professional and personal growth.
  • Fate is determined by one's choices, not genetics or initial socio-economic conditions.
  • Creativity exceeds intelligence and “book learning.”
  • Health and Habits - influence and greatly impact success.
  • American Dream - unlimited potential - is still very possible.
  • Risks are worth taking; failures are lessons that last forever.
  • Meet new people as often as possible to expand relationships.

Side Notes:  
Started out with the flip of charmed life - “LifeCharm” - with Invest instead of Save as in Ms Kane’s article, then a little re-arrangement. 
Saving obviously lacks much ROI, and in some banks it is negative, so wise investment is better.  However, to create liquid savings with a high ROI, pay down 6-24%+ credit balances as your savings plan for high net positive interest gain and usually more liquidity than typical investments.
After that, invest in existing or new suppliers that you’d use, to make sure they are abundantly available to your companies.  Or focus on funds supporting specific industries or groups that you consider important to the future: clean water, eco-friendly precious-metal processing, start-ups in general, reduction of business red-tape, etc.
We appreciate your Follows, Shares and Comments – will respond, and much more to come.

Our Team is focused on creating wealth for all our co-Collaborators who: take the initiative; communicate eagerly, effectively and respectfully; and fully utilize the opportunities we present.
Thank you very much, Kenton Johnson (.com) • BRIEF on Prosper Systems (.biz) - note our aggregate TEAM Resume
        also see our latest for buyers and sellers, including our voracioius, debt-free US$200MM+++ ASSET BUYER
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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

FOUNDERs are LEADERS, but are they CEOs?

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Pick Your Best Role to Lead the World
We work with Founders at many stages of start-up and expansion, and though the chief Founders are excellent Leaders, their best role may not be as the coveted CEO to ensure the success of their endeavors. 

First, let's define a Leader with an acronym (go ahead, substitute your own definitions for each letter):

  • Light up the vision, the benefits and the way.

  • Educate the team on vision, expectations, structure and policy, listening and learning from each of them.

  • Appreciate all those who excel and help from without.

  • Delegate to the best available, qualified people.

  • Enthuse your team with energy and resources.

  • Release control over the process for delegates, looking only for well-researched questions and suggestions, progress reports and final results.  See the just-published article on delegation by Mary Jane Nirdlinger. 

Other LinkedIn articles expand our definitions, but we see Delegate and Release as major keys in profitable Leadership and successful launches or expansions.   

Founders need to decide where they can best Lead, fit and excel, now or over the life of their companies:

  • CEO - executes what the Chairman and the Board have defined, generally with the CEO’s participation and input, and the Board may be only Founders at the start.  Though this is the most esteemed title in a company, it may not be Founders most effective roles

  • Chairman of the Board, public or private - visionary, policymaker, organizer, cheerleader, connector and often a key representative.

  • President - reporting to the CEO, or if none, the Board - deals with daily issues and tasks, sometimes a more comfortable role for those newly transitioning from being employed for many years.

  • CTO - often the best role for an engineer, scientist or inventor; an IT professional usually prefers the title CIO.

  • COO - the best methods to maximize production can make or break a company, so this may the best role.

  • CFO - setting up and maintaining tight financial systems is another key to the success of a company, and perhaps the Founder's best role.

  • CMO/CSO - many if not most Founders are excellent Sales people, so this may be the most comfortable role, though many prefer to delegate the Marketing.

  • CLO - the legal and securities challenges of especially a public company may be the best role for a lawyer/Founder.

  • CCO - Chief Capital Officer - prepares for presentation to, then processes funders, serving as a bit of the CEO, CFO, CTO, COO, CLO, CMO and CSO until fully funded.  
A team of Founder, CCO and one other CxO is an excellent way to start a company on the fast track.

  • Advisor – as companies progress, and after launching multiple companies, Founders may find that equity-based Advisory Team participation or management may be the most comfortable and time-beneficial, reducing both fiduciary and day-to-day responsibilities, yet maintaining lucrative yields from earlier start-up duties.  

Appreciate your Following and Comments – will respond and much more to come.  

Monday, January 13, 2014


Happy New Year!  I've been told that I see 2-5 years into the future when it comes to business, technology and social movement ... on the bleeding edge ... what do you think ... have any additions?     (Latest version at

2013 Predictions:

·   Google forcing users to join Google+ to obtain certain Google services will create a backlash. (May 2013) - confirmed (2014)
·   Bookstores become search, sale, delivery and review centers for new, used, specialized and rare print and electronic books and periodicals, guiding boomers and other technically-challenged customers, as well as offering other media-related services and products (mid 2013)
·   Professionally-shot CD/DVDs for museums, zoos, tourist attractions with profitable traffic – to raise money and create high-quality memories/documentation (Sep 2013)
·   Surround, four-wall video centers for like-you-are-there travel, events, meetings, sales showings (Oct 2013)
 Past Predictions:

·   Future urban traffic signals will be like the computerized San Jose Traffic Control Project (SJTCP, 1967), with detector reliability a major problem - detector reliability still a problem (1988) but many coming to fruition (2000's)
·   Use Operations Research techniques to optimize vehicle routing (1971) - confirmed (1975)
·   Computer use for lab assignment computations (San Jose State University, 1968) – witnessed general use at University of Colorado (1976)
·   Personal Rapid Transit (PRT- paper on Santa Clara County CA transportation, 1971) – Denver Metro's RTD created a plan for PRT system (1972) and residents voted for a sales tax of 1/2% over the six counties … 80% were earmarked for PRT construction (1973) … unfortunately scrapped (probably as internally planned) - Growth (1975)
·   Multi-type-criteria decision analysis (thesis, 1970-1973)
·   First Colorado chapter of Association for Computing Machinery's Special Interest Group for Scientific Computing(SIGSCI, 1977)
·   Adapting modified cricket bowling for baseball pitching (Littleton youth league, 1977) - not adopted, but research on thedangers of baseball-type pitching, especially for youth, has come out this Century strongly in favor of alternatives.
·   PCs for engineering firms (3 years before IBM's PCCCC 1978; international newsletter, ECAN 1979)
·   True cost of PCs – 8-10% of hardware cost per month (ECAN, 1980) – well-documented by Intel (2010)
·   Understanding (via familiar calculators) and buying PCs (seminars, books, articles, 1981)
·   Using spreadsheets (VisiCalcLotus then Excel) for contact databases and heavy computing applications, as well as sell personal computers - engineeering clients loved the control and power (ECAN, 1979-) - confirmed for databases(1983), heavy computing applications (1983), and selling PCs (1983)
·   Tablet-sized laptops will be popular for speeches, remote reporting via telephone modem as well as general applications (started using TRS-100, $1200, 1983) - confirmed (1986)
·   Geeks (vs jocks) rule the free world (lectures, 1985) - confirmed (1998)
·   Software marketing via limited trial version (QuickSurf, disks, 1986)
·   CrowdFunding for start-up capital (raised $1200 in 2 weeks, in $50, 6-month loans, for business colloquium/networking event, 1992) - pre-cursor to Fund Busting (1995) and KickStarter (2009)
·   Mini-resume index card for large networking events (Income Builders Int'l, 1992) - appeared in volume (2000)
·   Need for self-esteem reinforcement AV for children - (teamed with experts Lee Poulos and Jack Canfield to help develop and promote, 1993) - appeared later in the decade and beyond (1996)
·   Licensed-registered-certified-referral-only wellness network to reduce healthcare costs and improve/save lives (CompWellness:  books, 1996; helping bi-partisan Colorado Alternative Medicine bill pass, 1997; holistic first aid for Y2K, 1998; 24/7 800 hotline to ensure holistic care availability, 1998; first national, professional website, 1999) - confirmed and emulated (2000-)
·   Google beating Yahoo (1998) - confirmed (2005)
·   Content-based search engine optimization (Google Rank 0 to 4 in 12 months,, 2000)
·   Scalable webpages (work on several-sized screens and devices; and personal/client webpages, 2000) - strongly confirmed (2002)
·   Personal domain names for resume, permanent email address and web presence (, 2000) - confirmed(2002)
·   Online brochures that are faxable and printable on letter paper or 2-sided cards (, 2000) - confirmed (2006)
·   Computer / mobile skills necessary to survive in business or as skilled worker (2000) - confirmed (2003)
·   Holistic homecare for the elderly to extend enjoyable life and greatly reduce costs (mother and CompWellness team, 2004) -confirmed (2008)
·   Executive collaborative networking versus selling each other's connections (, 2004) - confirmed(2006)
·   Web 2.0 marketing (Great Offer, Get Information Today, Market-Market-Market gently - 9:1 info:promo ratio) for the everyman (GOgitMMM™ Report, 2005) - confirmed (2007)
·   Abundant use of free sub-domains to organize and enter websites for 100s of pages of authored or referenced webpages (, 2005) - confirmed (2007)
·   Residential real estate bubble crash (divested all holdings, 2006) - confirmed (2008)
·   Continuously-running pictures - personal, business, stock - as screen savers on all computers in normal surroundings to stimulate memory and brain integration (for mother and family, 2004) - confirmed (2007)
·   Currency trading government interference (, 2007) - confirmed (2009)
·   ObamaCare will be shoved through Congress with little attention to healthcare, wellness, prevention or the people it was supposedly protecting (late 2008) - confirmed (2013)
·   Computer-web-mobile-cloud integration (, 2008; in full play on, 2012)
·   Consulting for equity - Consultant, Advisor, Director or Management Team for startups or operating companies (, 2009) - confirmed (2011)
·   Eco-friendly mineral processing will dominate future mining (nanotechnologies, 2010) - confirmed (2013)
·   7" tablet preference to 8-10" (fits inside jacket pockets better - usually only 5" wide - 2010) - 7" popularity exceeds 10" (late 2013) - jury out on 7" vs 8"
·   Collaboration is the key to success for this decade ( - Collaboration Network, 2011) – appearing more and more in business media, including Huffington Post (2013)
·   Nouveau, highly-graphic resumes (evolving 2005; corporate online, 2013) - confirmed (2011)
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