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Golden InfoNuggets - FEB 11-15 - Business, CRE, Tech, Blockchain and AI


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Commercial Real Estate, Technology, Blockchain & AI

Andreas Senie (11 years - sales, real estate) noted:  #CRE #TECHNOLOGY COMPANIES DO MORE TOGETHER. "Don't take my word for it... industry experts from across property technology #Proptech, #CREtech and the CRE industry all agree!  #Collaborate and you win! CRE technology continues to expand daily by bridging the gap in various related, but previously siloed, areas across the industry.  It’s a trend that’s unlikely to slow down.  With technology’s ubiquitous role in society and the unrelenting demand for highly accessible #information, real estate #innovators will continue seeking new #solutions to age-old industry challenges." (#AI #CommercialRealEstate #Connectivity #Analysis #Business #Data #Research #Expansion #Investment #SmallBusiness #Startup;
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  • "Continuing to streamline the industry’s inefficiencies at a seemingly breakneck pace: an increasing number of industry leaders are seizing opportunities to share #data and #functionality with the goal of doing better, together [#cooptition] versus #silos!   In order to rapidly meet the demand of the #MultiFamily sector, companies are finding themselves partnering together to assist both the asset #Management and #ConsumerFacing side of the business.
  • "Adding significant momentum to the shift towards dependency on #collaboration is the modern renters’ demand for tools that support independence throughout the leasing process.  Prospective renters expect relevant information in real-time, already experienced across almost all other aspects of life.  Those partnering together on different integrations yield more flexibility and access for customers AND a recognition that collaborative CRE technology companies are significantly more impactful."
  • #SEAMLESS #INTEGRATIONS. Companies in similar spheres are finding value in sharing their product functionality:  ButterflyMX (smart intercom platform maker) & MobileDoorman (custom-branded resident apps for multifamilies); Engrain (interactive technology and data visualization software solutions) & RealPage (global provider of software and data analytics); roOomy (virtual-staging and 3D-modeling platform) & Matterport (immersive, 3D-media technology); CompStak (data) & Dealpath (CRE acquisitions management)."
  • "Today’s successful integrations are poised to drive greater overall adoption by what many consider an industry that has lagged in its embracement of new technology. Those who recognize the boundless potential presented through several strategic partnerships are best positioned to stand out among this increasingly crowded real estate technology scene."

Angelica Krystle Donati (12 years - entrepreneur, writer).  "#TECH CONTINUES to SEE #LONDON as its EUROPEAN HUB, DESPITE #BREXIT - #research shows that as long as London remains a hub for the big-tech #multinationals and the UK continues to see an inflow of #talent, it’ll be fine, Brexit or not (#2019predictions #CRE #Technology #Analysis #Business #Data #Science #PropTech #Research #Expansion #Investment #SmallBusiness #Startup; edited -
  • Private Rented Sector (#PRS) and Build to Rent (#BTR) will continue to grow.
  • London’s office market remained healthy in 2018, and rental values are expected to remain stable into 2019.
  • London remains the top gateway city in the world, as it maintained its position as the number one destination for global real estate investment in 2018, to continue into 2019.  
  • Though yields are at a historic low, robust corporate occupier fundamentals are leading to positive returns."

Commercial Real Estate and Business

Don Catalano (30 years - real estate). "#OFFICE #BUILDING #FEATURES to ATTRACT #CORPORATE #TENANTS - which ones are truly the most desirable in the marketplace? (#CRE #Technology #Analysis #Business #Research #Expansion #Startup; edited -
  • ON-SITE #WELLNESS CENTERS - as more people are become very health conscious, buildings with gyms and fitness studios are a major draw for companies: better work-life balance, workers who exercise regularly use fewer sick days and can even lower health insurance costs.
  • #FOOD ACCESS - rather than spend lunch break searching out food, more and more office workers want creative ways to bring lunch right to the facilities: cafeteria or restaurant on-site, have a large food court with many dining options available or sign contracts with food trucks to provide pop-up outdoor food courts."
  • #LEED-CERTIFIED buildings offer benefits for companies and their employees alike. The energy efficiency of these facilities can greatly reduce utility costs, and studies have found that employee morale is often higher and worker productivity soars in these green facilities.
  • OUTDOOR #GATHERING AREAS - enjoying some fresh air without having to stray away from the building is a major perk. More and more office buildings are offering al fresco gathering areas from rooftop decks to atrium gardens to outdoor green spaces and gardens."
  • #NATURAL LIGHTING - a huge amenity for companies and happy workplaces: large, uncovered #windows and #skylights [with auto-dimming when direct sun], as important in shared areas of the building, workers near windows, eliminates the cavernous cave feel, reduces eyestrain and improves employee #morale.  
  • EASY #ELEVATORS - with low/no delays, so important to have multiple, fast-moving elevators. Visit the building at "rush hours" to guage congestion. [Key-card access needs to be user and #customer friendly, with low/no bottle necks at the #security desk.]

Taylor Wescoatt (33 years - product developent, capitalization) via Angelica Krystle Donati (12 years - entrepreneur, writer).  "WHAT DO #PRODUCT PEOPLE ACTUALLY DO? [Timeless article and vision, 7/2016] When I presented to startups at @Seedcamp's quarterly onboarding sessions, I found that even these leaders of tomorrow have little experience with the discipline of Product, so I started with the basics.  I've written up a post on Seedcamp's blog that delves into the detail how it feels and what you see if you're getting Product's three pillars of quality, namely:  Prioritisation, User Insight and Clarity."  
(#CRE #Technology #Analysis #Business #Data #PropTech #Research #Investment #SmallBusiness #Startup; edited -
  • #PRIORITIZATION.   When going well, everyone in the company knows what's in #development, in what order, aligned well with your business #strategy, leaders feel heard, and priorities are addressed.  To get there, create a #LongTerm #Roadmap laid out in general and a #ShortTerm (90 day) roadmap locked in with only the highest priority #metrics in focus. There’s a high-bar for any changes to this, only really-amazing ideas enter the development #queue, with others revisited later."
  • #USER INSIGHT.  It's going well when you engage your users regularly continuing a sense of what they want, like, dislike, use it for and change weekly. This feeds your #planning processes.   To get there, engage several qualitative types of #UserResearch, distributing summaries across the organization or #CustomerCouncil.  Validate before burning #developer time on #features. #Analytics features prominently in weekly meetings."
  • #CLARITY.  When going well. product acts as a bridge between most internal teams, giving them all a sense of what’s going on and how they can impact it: clear #development requirements, #delivery knows the 'why' on each task, and product #performance is part of day-to-day vocabulary.  There are regular product performance updates on recently launched features and progress toward goals; perhaps a Product Council; a well-understood process of idea to delivery; and developers demand clearly-defined work."  

EDMdigest via Ali Sahabi.  "NEXT MAJOR #CALIFORNIA #QUAKE is IMMINENT!   It’s overdue, per US Geological Survey, #USGS) - a huge quake on a fault line in California could be catastrophic for 26,000 people, burning at least 50,000 homes.  (#Technology #Investment #Business; Linkedin Comment for
  • The 'HayWired' fault name was chosen 'to emphasize the need to examine our #interconnectedness and reliance on #telecommunications and other lifelines, such as #water and #electricity.  The Bay Area continues to take steps to prepare for and mitigate such a disaster, such as  reinforcing existing structures such as the Stanford University football stadium, which lies directly on the fault."  (edited) 
  • Definitely will impact #CRE and #Housing in Calif.  EVERYONE needs to be prepared with a plan, food, water, etc - see local #EmergencyPreparedness stores, organizations or #RedCross for classes and kits.  Also, take Community Emergency Response Team (#CERT) training.  Great for a possible #EMP attack as well.   

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