Wednesday, December 28, 2011


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Completed preparation and actively marketing two mines:

* Gold/Platinum/RareElements Mine in So Idaho - a US$480MM bargain

* Silica Mine in Texas - only US$60MM for this much-needed commodity for fiber glass, glass, oil and gas fracking sand, and foundry sand for smeltering

Evaluating and partnering with additional projects, as well as working with the commodities

Added a dozen US$100MM++ buying organizations

Enrolled 100 strong Collaborators in many talent areas and on all continents, with 380 more Candidates

Expanded Announcement List to 144 participants

Refined our Collaborator and Property Applications into robust "Apps" to be expanded more in 2012

GREAT NEW YEAR - We wish you a safe and fun New Year's celebration and a tremendous 2012.

May you be healthy, wealthy and wise beyond your expectations (though expecting is most powerful).

COLLABORATION ARTICLES (see and follow posts which also go to and Also stored at

Companies are facing a new imperative to form collaborative relationships: The Economist Magazine’s 9 Dec

China- even greater success by fully embracing collaboration opportunities: 10 Dec

Social to Collaboration Networks for Business- THE Next Evolution: 11 Dec

Tools- Problems/Solutions- Piecemeal use of Collaboration vs Social Networks: 12 Dec

The Best Free Tools: 13 Dec

Know Objectives of Enterprise, Customers, Prospects, Employees, Partners: 14 Dec

How to Use Internal Collaboration and Social Networking Technology: 15 Dec

Comparing the "almost entirely different" Collaboration and Social Networks: 17 Dec

Tools- Social networks can solve unexpected, unplanned, unstructured issues: 18 Dec

Research Center- Latest small business collaboration news, analysis, research: 19 Dec


While cruising the Denver LoDo Tattered Cover, found great article from the #Economist, dealing with economic 26 Dec

Saw large farm in solar area. Share $5M+: REFER more PROs who KNOW/SHOW $50M+ Properties nr Phoenix till 4pm 12th; 10 Dec

Finding more articles on Collaboration. Till they're released, what great Real Estate PROs do you know in Phoenix? See 9 Dec

VISITing $37M Farm Sat. REFER & share $5M+; 8 buyers; want PROs who KNOW/SHOW $50M+ Properties nr Phoenix thru 12th; 9 Dec

REFER NOW; share $5M+; 8 buyers; Meeting PROs who KNOW or SHOW $50M+ Transitional Properties nr Phoenix thru 12th; 9 Dec

Friday, May 20, 2011

WORLDWIDE, Now- Lucrative Property/Business Collaboration Network + DENVER, 5/25, 1-3pm- Exclusive Course in Video & Social Media Marketing

****** ANNOUNCING: Worldwide Lucrative US$50M++ Property/Business Collaboration Network *****

See for more details

Hello! Let's convert your hard work and key connections into MASSIVE PASSIVE INCOME ...

WHO DO YOU KNOW who ARE, or KNOW those, buying or selling US$10M-$2B+ Mines, Energy Fields, Land, or Tech Businesses?

SHARE 10% COMMISSION w/ other active Collaborators.

Start by forwarding this to your key associates.

You will see many of the property/business offerings in this Group, but to SEE THEM ALL and for us to know WHAT YOU'D BE MOST INTERESTED IN BROKERING, email to join our INSIDERS COLLABORATION NETWORK and updating:

State/Province/Region, City:

Preferred Phone:


Preferred Types of Properties (Mines, Energy Fields, Commodities, Land or Tech Businesses):

Thank You and Best Regards, Kenton Johnson

USA 7-20/20-HELP-3, VideoSkype KentonDenverCO preferred

Best email to respond:

Real Estate Brokers: If you are NOT ALLOWED to share fees w/ non-licensed brokers, please REFER this to a non-licensed broker. Thanks.

*** DENVER, 5/25, 1-3pm- Preston Rahn Course in Video & Social Media Marketing ********

From: Anthony Sanchez, Marketing Club

I've wanted him to speak since last year. I finally got him.

Preston Rahn is an internet marketer, specializing in Video, Social, and SEO marketing. He was featured as one of the top 25 video marketers in the book "Video Marketing Pioneers, Vol I", and has helped companies like,, and many others with their internet marketing success.

He is a busy man, and has agreed to share his Video marketing techniques and social media marketing tactics that have increased traffic and business for companies in 24 hours. These ideas can work for every business, and are inexpensive or free.

This is something you can ALL do, and a presentation you should all see, bring your friends, they will thank you.

Check the website for details

When: Wednesday, May 25, 1:00 - 3:00 pm


Where: CB & Potts, 6575 Greenwood Plaza Blvd, Greenwood Village, CO, 303-770-1982

Cost: Free (if you promise to tell your friends)

Anthony Sanchez

Marketing Strategy & Execution for Maximum Search Engine Rankings, Traffic, & Leads


[CONTACT Anthony for your major marketing needs --Kenton]

Marketing Club Denver

Free Marketing Training for Small Business Owners

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Dow is Crashing in terms of Gold, Oil and many other "Commodities"

I've been reading Michael Maloney's "no baloney" book, Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver. Excellent historical and current perspectives on the realities of our financial system. Doing more research on his chapter "What's the Value," one finds an expanded version of The Dow is Crashing, which is VERY enlightening.

All this decade, pundits have been watching the Dow in terms of dollars as if it were a guide to the health of the economy. However, in terms of most other commodities we use, often daily, it diving quickly. In Gold, it is about a fifth of what is was entering 2000. In Silver or Oil, it is worse.

He goes further about our manipulated Cost of Living index, which is more like 12% than the 3% used by the Feds (or the 0% the last two years according to Social Security).

Reading it, you'll be hard-pressed not to agree that Gold and Silver are the great hedges against inflation; in fact, it is our only real money.

Our start-up,, we are factoring in a much higher inflation rate in our costs. For my consulting work, I'm asking for payment in Gold or Silver, since it is the most negotiable, rapidly-growing commodity. (I'm finding a few brokers offering only a 3% spread between buy and sell prices.)

In addition, chart analysis of Silver this century shows a great positive trend change that could easily be sustained given run-away Federal spending.

Once you've read the article, and perhaps the book, please post your comments here.

Also, note the previous post: YOUR articles would be valuable here in our Prosper Systems blog and other publishings. Don't have an article? Focused posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites will create an article in short time. Expanding that, a few articles make a booklet to sell, post on your site, give as a list builder on the 'Net, as well as make a chapter for your next book.

Keep writing and accumulating, then let's collaborate: I'll edit and publish it.

More on Precious Metals and Collaboration is subsequent posts. Have a great week, Kenton

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Let's Publish Your Articles

Publishing Articles is one of the best forms of Marketing for Consulting Services, Books or Oneself.

I PUBLISH, and, as well as

POST to,, then

ANNOUNCE the updates on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

So, always LOOKING FOR TOP-NOTCH ARTICLES - about 500 words on Business and Health (or both).

Forward yours for review, complete with about a 50-word bio, picture or link to a picture (any size or shape, JPG, GIF or BMP), and a weblink for more information on you (website, LinkedIn profile or a resume/PPT on something like

I may do some editing, if you wish, especially if it is from Spanish or another latin language to English, using my translation polishing service (no charge for article contributors).

Friday, February 18, 2011

TiE Rockies is Seeking Feedback on Opportunity to Connect to Silicon Valley Funding.

TiE Rockies (, and Plug&Play ( are collecting information regarding the viability and need of connecting Colorado companies to Silicon Valley funding and strategic relationships with other large corporations. Below is a list of information we are looking to collect. Companies providing information will get an opportunity to participate in a joint TIE and Plug&Play program where they will get a chance to go to Silicon Valley and present to venture capitalists or strategic partners.

If you are willing to participate, you can take the survey online by clicking here, or by emailing the information below to Feel free to leave any information blank that you are not comfortable providing. If you would prefer to give the information over the phone, please email Carla Dowell, Executive Director, TiE Rockies at, with contact information along with a specific day and time to call.

Requested Information:
1. Name of company
2. Phone number of company
3. Address of company
4. Website of company
5. Top management-Name of manager
6. Top management-Email address
7. Top management-Telephone
8. How long has the company lasted?
9. How much revenue is there for the company?
10. How many employees does the company have?
11. Did the company get external funding?
12. If yes, From whom did the company get funding?
13. If yes, How much funding did the company receive?
14. Is the company leasing or owning office space?
15. If leasing-How much space is being leased?
16. If leasing-How long is the lease?
17. If leasing-How much is the company paying for the lease?
18. What kind of products and services does the company provide?
19. How many customers for each product and service?
20. Is the company looking for funding?
21. If yes, when will they need funding?
22. If yes, how much will they need?
23. Is the company looking to expand to the national or international market?
24. If yes, where will the company expands to?
25. When will the company expands to the national and international market?
26. Is the company looking to be a partner of a university?
27. If yes, which universities?
28. If yes, For what purpose does the company want to partner with those universities?
29. Is the company looking for corporate partners?
30. If yes, which corporate partners?

Again this survey can be taken online by clicking this link: Research & Development Survey by TiE Rockies, Plug&Play and DU students.

TiE Rockies and Plug&Play thank you!!

This information will provide TiE Rockies with a platform to aid Colorado companies in their funding and ultimately with their expanding.

Rockies Venture Club 303-831-4174
1805 South Bellaire Street, Suite 480, Denver, Colorado 80222