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Golden-Nugget Shares - Business, CRE, Tech and AI - Oct 15-19

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Commercial Real Estate (CRE), Technology and AI

Sam Garner. ARCHITECTURAL VISUALIZATION - "#ArchViz is a comprehensive term that describes 'seeing' architectural plans before they are built. It includes everything from rudimentary sketches to more classy 3D renderings. Business wants customers [tennants and other daily users] to have an exact vision of a building before the first tool hits the ground," saving the heavy costs of mid- and post-construction changes. See list of top-10 rendering software as of mid 2017. (edited) #CRE #Technology #AI #Analysis #Business #Data #PropTech #Investment

Pedro Uria-Recio. MACHINE LEARNING 4 CEOS (#Technology #AI #MachineLearning #NeuralNetworks #Analysis #Data #Research, edited
  • "A CEO's JOB in the age of Artificial Intelligence is to design new combinations of technologies, assets as well as HUMAN and machine skills to revolutionize business models. Understanding human intelligence alone is no longer enough."
  • "SUPERVISED LEARNING.  Learn how to solve a problem by looking at many examples of the correct answers.  Regressions fit a formula to your data - linear or quadratic - testing both types of algorithms, with historical data and results, then training, will yield the right parameters.  A special kind of regression - logistic regression - uses a simple exponential formula to categorize items into groups instead of providing a continuous numeric prediction. The most interesting kind of supervised algorithm is Neural Networks, which mimic how our brain works."
  • "UNSUPERVISED LEARNING.  Humans are excellent unsupervised learners. We can learn to tell the difference between such things as cats and dogs by observation and with no training, but building machines to do this is far less developed than supervised learning.  This type of #MachineLearning is typically used when you do not have solved examples, but there are algorithms to find patterns and classify data for you." 
  •  Reinforcement Learning and more next week.
Ben Dickson#AI ULTIMATE JOB CREATOR?  #Technology #Analysis #Business #Data #DIY #Expansion #Investment (edited -
  • "For decades, we've heard about the looming threat of technological unemployment.  Artificial intelligence now disrupting much of the employment landscape, with base components, #NeuralNetworks and #MachineLearning,promising or delivering better performance than human professionals."
  • "NOW is the time to prepare our educational and economic infrastructure [since #BigTech is 'absorbing all the talents and registering patents to prevent others from moving into the field,' from Ben's comment in Aug '18] in Factories, Offices [and Construction]."
  • "INCREASED DEMAND FOR TECH TALENT.  As with each revolution, the workforce will evolve into more-creative, higher-level tasks, but heavy AI talent will always be needed.  Coding [and higher-level people skills] should be valued as highly as English, Math and Science. More higher-ed certifications, online degrees and #MOOCs, boot camps, co-work center trainings, in-house training, and after-school #STEM programs can help the workforce adapt to the future." 
  • "HUMAN-COMPUTER INTERACTION REVOLUTION.  AI is promising to revolutionize education in many ways, personalizing and optimizing learning, reducing time to learn new skills.  AI can break down the complexity of tasks and make them simpler, widening workforce opportunitites, requiring less skill.  Natural Language Processing and Generation (#NLP #NLG) are removing hurdles and barriers, making us much more efficient, and without requiring a specialized set of skills such as Data Science." 
  • "COMPLEMENTING HUMAN EFFORTS. IBM's Watson uses #MachineLearning to analyze structured and unstructured data, learning about emerging threats and helping #Cybersecurity analysts with less skill and experience to be effective [creating more opportunity in the field]. Examples abound in healthcare and medicine, cutting down the time and cost to train drastically-short, skilled workers. AI will create opportunities for experts beyond the traditional tech-related domains - 'the greatest challenge will be creating a better human experience,' as it takes on social, ethical and political issues, and unbiased algorithms [more generalists, less specific tech], enrolling 'anthropologists, communication specialists, philosophers and cultural experts.'" (sub-quotes by Doug Rose)
  • MY CONCLUSION -  #AI will displace MOST #Tech SPECIALISTS, leaving seasoned GENERALISTS to clean up the messes.  AI  increases a business's COMPETITIVENESS versus eliminating work, and allows mature GENERALISTS to be very EFFECTIVE.
Diego Lo Giudice of Forrester Research BUILD #AI #BUSINESS APPLICATIONS (#Technology #DeepLearning #Analysis #Business #Data #Research #Expansion #Investment #SmallBusiness #Startup, image from another resport; edited -
  • "Rather than attempting to simulate our brains, #MachineLearning and smart AI integration is more effective, and unleashing our creativity will create more-intelligent business applications via 1000s of in-house and new ventures:
  • "EXPERT ASSISTANCE as personal and business assistance, plus business advice in finance, healthcare, retail, marketing and other sectors.
  • "Add INTUITIVE COMMUNICATION that captures the true meaning of a text or mapping facial expressions, gestures and voice intonations to emotional states."
  • "PREDICT NEEDS, gathering information on the fly before a clients make contact or call in.
  • Produce INTELLIGENT NARRATIVES. Look at comprehensive, complex and curated data, mine it, then generate intelligent and intuitive stories in natural language rather than overly-fancy dashboards, tables and graphics.
  • ACCESSIBILITY that assists and offers independence to the sight-, hearing-, or mobility-impaired, helping better-recognize text and product, allowing the hearing-impaired to listen and speak via unconventional media [and of course AI-assited vehicles].
  • AI BIZ APPS are expanding, and we only need unleash our creativity to build even more-intelligent business applications."  Many great influencers, research, articles, blogs, books, courses, reports and conferences in general and specific,sectors now available. 

Commercial Real Estate (CRE) and Business

Michael Beckerman. TRANSITIONING TO THE NEW - #CRE #TECHNOLOGY (edited -
  • Standing on SOLID GROUND was key to Beckerman's move from PR to Commercial Real Estate Technology, learning from "unlikely but ultimately obvious source - the next generation of media/marketing/pr professionals!" See list with Linkedin hotlinks.
  • SELF-LEARNING. Beckerman studied "tech, media trends, other sites, etc, driven to learn where the media and tech worlds were heading, and how they would intersect to form new solutions for companies and professionals and apply that to CRE." 
Eli Sabatier via Peter Reiss II. MAIN #CYBERSECURITY THREATS TO YOUR NETWORKS "At 25% probability of attack, the risk of any breach can be dramatically reduced with modern, proactive defenses.  SaaS and mobile apps demonstrate complex challenges:" (#Technology, edited-
  • "INSIDERS with extensive access privileges or the ability to copy/paste data to a social network or public cloud can sometimes do comparable damage to ...
  • "OUTSIDERS, that are still the source of most attacks, 18% within server infrastructure.
  • "Effective DEFENSE requires a well-rounded approach with up-to-date technical TOOLS and acceptable PROCESSES, ROLE definitions and EDUCATION resources."
  • Assessing Risks and more next week
HIT Advisory Group LLC. ESSENTIAL DATA POINTS FOR HOTEL INVESTMENT ANALYSIS (#Capital #Data #Hotel #Investment #Analysis, edited; finishing -
  • "COST OF the CAPITAL you use to finance a deal includes defined risk and return requirements. The capital stack is an intuitive representation of this with least risk on the bottom and most risk at the top – senior debt and common equity, respectively. The hotel will only produce so much cash flow, and these different tranches claim ownership of that cash flow based on their contractual position in the deal."
  • "RECAPITALIZATION and SALE VALUE. The biggest returns in many deals are in capital appreciation, which can be accessed in two ways – recapitalizing a deal or selling the asset. Recapitalization could be a debt refinance, but also replacing equity partners while maintaining control of the asset, These 'capital event' values are based on prevailing market conditions, and current figures for interest rates and cap rates are a good place to start. Additional economic information will help project how these will move over time."
  • "INVESTMENT RETURNS.  Absolute profitability is the sum of cash flows divided by equity invested - Multiple on Invested Equity (MOE).  Relative profitability is commonly measured with two return metrics - Cash-on-Cash return(CCR) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) - private investors prefer CCR; institutions, IRR.  A good deal based on sound fundamentals will always be a good deal."
  • "CONCLUSION.  Experienced investors have a cocktail of data points, which they can use to evaluate a deal on the back of an envelope.  Underwrite every opportunity that comes across your desk to find the right mix that works for you. Experience [or great #AI) is the best and most efficient way to learn how to underwrite a hotel deal."
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