Friday, February 18, 2011

TiE Rockies is Seeking Feedback on Opportunity to Connect to Silicon Valley Funding.

TiE Rockies (, and Plug&Play ( are collecting information regarding the viability and need of connecting Colorado companies to Silicon Valley funding and strategic relationships with other large corporations. Below is a list of information we are looking to collect. Companies providing information will get an opportunity to participate in a joint TIE and Plug&Play program where they will get a chance to go to Silicon Valley and present to venture capitalists or strategic partners.

If you are willing to participate, you can take the survey online by clicking here, or by emailing the information below to Feel free to leave any information blank that you are not comfortable providing. If you would prefer to give the information over the phone, please email Carla Dowell, Executive Director, TiE Rockies at, with contact information along with a specific day and time to call.

Requested Information:
1. Name of company
2. Phone number of company
3. Address of company
4. Website of company
5. Top management-Name of manager
6. Top management-Email address
7. Top management-Telephone
8. How long has the company lasted?
9. How much revenue is there for the company?
10. How many employees does the company have?
11. Did the company get external funding?
12. If yes, From whom did the company get funding?
13. If yes, How much funding did the company receive?
14. Is the company leasing or owning office space?
15. If leasing-How much space is being leased?
16. If leasing-How long is the lease?
17. If leasing-How much is the company paying for the lease?
18. What kind of products and services does the company provide?
19. How many customers for each product and service?
20. Is the company looking for funding?
21. If yes, when will they need funding?
22. If yes, how much will they need?
23. Is the company looking to expand to the national or international market?
24. If yes, where will the company expands to?
25. When will the company expands to the national and international market?
26. Is the company looking to be a partner of a university?
27. If yes, which universities?
28. If yes, For what purpose does the company want to partner with those universities?
29. Is the company looking for corporate partners?
30. If yes, which corporate partners?

Again this survey can be taken online by clicking this link: Research & Development Survey by TiE Rockies, Plug&Play and DU students.

TiE Rockies and Plug&Play thank you!!

This information will provide TiE Rockies with a platform to aid Colorado companies in their funding and ultimately with their expanding.

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