Friday, August 28, 2015

UPDATES: Sales/Fundings, New Mexico visit Sep 21-23, New Buying and Selling Interests

Hello Fellow Collaborators:  We trust all is well with you.   Recent News...


We have the following for sale, good commission or referrals to buyers:

  • Cut and Polished Diamond Sets:  us$18mm, us$54mm and us$60mm

  • Rough Diamonds:  us$12Mmm 

  • More properties and assets in transmission

New funders/consultants to which we are vetting three projects as consultants for funding:

  • us$20mm real estate projects in Metro Denver, each seeking us$16mm debt and equity 

  • us$50mm business startup in used O&G equipment 

  • Two more in transmission

Obviously referrals to ADDITIONAL Buyers, Sellers, investment Consultants and Funders appreciated and will be well rewarded.

ALBUQUERQUE TRIP Sep 22+/-  (and possibly Santa Fe, Sep 21 or 23)

WHO or WHAT PROJECTS DO YOU KNOW there that we should see?

  • In Santa Fe, mid-days, Sept 21 and 23

  • Arriving Albuquerque in the afternoon, Sep 21; available all day Sep 22; then leaving morning, Sep 23, but could extend a few hours.

  • We would like to meet to discuss Collaboration on many levels.

  • To schedule someone, please REPLY with an introductions, some time windows, or call our direct line, 303-770-4022 (10-7 most days)

Note:  A few things of changed with Prosper Systems:  we are mostly Sales Brokering and some Funding Consulting;  more at our Overview device-independent info page, 


We have Great News!  We've added buyers to enable business and asset purchases down to us$10mm

Our SALES web page is at, and our main BUYING and SELLING interests are:

   • Our Buyers* want VALIDATED us$100mm+++ properties and businesses.  Special cases:

· us$50mm+ US O&G operations (see below)
· us$50mm+ for rough-cut diamonds
· us$10mm for precious assets such as art, diamond collections and other collectibles
· us$10mm specialized business with low risk, high reward
  • Cash-flowing, 10%+ ROI, and a Seller/Representative who speaks English decently and will get down to business**
  • Locations:  EU, Americas, Australia, other friendly nations, and perhaps China and India
  • The Buyers usually have a lawyer or other professional broker as their Representative
  • We expect the Seller to pay 4-10% commission, that you share 50-50 Seller and Buyer's side (our Buyers don't pay commissions) -
    we have a Lawyer on our TEAM and Realtors who will process our end legally
  • ALL OFFERS MUST be accompanied with the PROFESSIONALLY-REQUIRED COMMISSION and SPLITS between buyer's and seller's side, repeated in the cover email.  Any offers made to us without the commission and splits will result in immediate termination of all connections and communications.***
  • We also have a special us$200mm+++ BUYER who wants MOST TYPES OF VIRTUALLY DEBT-FREE, BANK-APPRAISABLE LARGE ASSETS, described fully
  • If you have or know of PRODUCTING O&G OPERATIONS FOR SALE, we have buyers for:
· us$50mm-$200mm US Producing Oil & Gas operations (fast, cash buyer)
· us$500mm+++ non-US Producing Oil & Gas operations (voracious, fast, cash buyer)
  • Our SELLERS have similar properties and businesses of many types, so would be interested in speaking to you about YOUR BUYERS

FootnotesMore and IMPORTANT INFO at

Best Regards and Thank you very much, 
USA 302KentonJ - GoogleVoice: 302-536-8665; transcribed voice messages and text; forwards to mobile and GoogleTalk (12-9 USA ET)

P.S  We have major funding and purchasing resources available for quick turnaround on ready-to-go projects