Friday, March 11, 2016

New Downtown Denver Meetup - Apr 4th, 4-5pm + networking up to 6pm - Rocket your Ready-to-Launch Startup

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Metro-Denver Founders (and remote Associates):

Please join us at our 1st downtown-Denver Startups 2.0™ MeetUp (in person or online):

• Apr 4th, 4-5 pm + networking up to 6 pm
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• "Rocket your Ready-to-Launch Startup"

• Very Hi-Tech Oblong Mezzanine Conference Room
• The (11-month-old) COMMONS on Champa
• 1245 Champa St, Denver CO 80202
• Between DCPA and the Convention Center

• JOIN, participate / stay informed, PROSPER!  (Waitlisting now - 2 spots may open soon.)

​​• Monthly on 1st Mondays
• More on The Commons:
Recent presentation (in the same Conference Room set):

Thank you very much, Kenton, USA 302KentonJ LinkedIn • BRIEF • TEAM & Aggregate Resume • Startups 2.0™ Meetup (Denver, 4pm Mondays:  main, 1st; work session, 3rd)