Friday, January 27, 2012

BROKERS WANTED for US $100M++ Transactions ASAP

We are very actively looking for licensed Real Estate, Securities, Business and Commodities Brokers to:

* Collaborate closely with our company, Prosper Systems LLC
* Represent us and process approx. US $100MM++ project sales transactions requiring a license
* Represent us for partial sales and commodities transactions requiring a license
* Focus on Mines, Energy Fields, Commodities, Land, Income Projects and High Tech Businesses

AREAS of immediate interest:

* Western US states
* Western Canadian provinces
* Other licensing Jurisdictions in other Countries

Several Investment and Purchasing FUNDS are available and READY TO ACT.


* US $1MM++ per transaction for the broker
* 5-20% from the brokers for each referral (depending on strength and level of connection)

REFERENCE: - with new look and streamlined Apps

OTHER COLLABORATORS also wanted; Legal, Asset Evaluation, Mining, IT, Financial Analysis, Business Planning, Large Project Management and Marketing Research

Always looking for NEW PROJECTS with a US $50MM++ EBITDA projected in the next five years.

Please CONTACT US or REFER this to your LinkedIn network ASAP.

Thank you very much, Kenton * *
USA 7-20/20-HELP-3 (Skype, forwards to cell, 303-770-4022) * KentonDenverCO (SkypeVideo- preferred)

If you haven't connected with us on Skype or completed our Collaborator App (streamlined at - please do so now.