Saturday, May 8, 2010

Receive up to 250% on $10K-$300K bridge loans [updated]

You'll be excited to know about: bridge loans and $10K-$2B [yes, updated to 2 billion] business resources and funding.

WHO DO YOU KNOW with $10K-300K [updated] who wants to make 100%-250% interest? [update] YOU?

I'm working as the Chief Capital Officer (CCO) as required by Colorado law [update] with substantial companies that require bridge loans - $30K by 5/13 noon [completed], $220K more by 6/4 to complete a $500M purchase and others for $10K-$300K very soon [update].

Terms for most current bridge loan [updated]:

* Pays back starting within 90 days, in monthly payments over the next 9 months, as follows:

- 200% interest to lender [update]

- 50% to qualified lender representatives [update] (add this if you are the lender)

* Guaranteed by the company with substantial assets, with either new-funded monies or the company

* Pay order could be sold (like a note) or factored - who do you know?

WHY DO THEY NEED A MERE $220K? [update] No commingling of funds between projects; due diligence, bonds etc used project reserves; and bridge money faltered.

DETAILS - for lender representatives [update] - complete and sign the following Confidentiality Agreement, then I can send more detail:

Google Doc (easiest):


Just scan and email to (or fax to 888-446-5476 with a quick phone call or email so I know it is on its way).

Referrers to lender representives - email for important legal details [update].

To see the reality of this offer from a capitalization standpoint, here's a little math on a first-round capitalization that I know, similar to what I learned from a Master in 1992 [updated to clarify]:


* $10K returns $20K within 7 months, plus 1% equity and $30M profit over the next 4 years

* 1% profit = $300K

* Total = $320K = 3200% interest and the profits keep going after 4 years!

Now 200% interest makes great sense - eh?

Note: 200%/year over and over for 5 years is a 32-fold increase!

I'm CCO for other companies too, wanting $10K-300K @ 100% and 150% interest. Someone will jump at these too! [update]


* Focus on those with $500K++ in languishing funds,
* Remind them of the volatility of the stock and commodity markets
* Banks are not that secure these days
* They can speak to the project managers and engineers if they'd like
* Using certain IRA funds would create tax-free gains
* Their gain paid out of funding monies, not profits

MORE RESOURCES: In addition, my company has developed relationships with many of the excellent business talents, as well as several capital sources from $10K to $2B, CALL FOR DETAILS!

Best Regards, Kenton Johnson (.com) 303-770-4022