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Golden-Nugget Shares - Business, Tech and CRE - Sept 4-7

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Last week we introduced a powerful method of marketing - post “Golden Nuggets of Information” on Social Media multiple times daily or in regular emails (every 5-15 days).  We’ve been sharing the essence of articles and a few powerful comments regularly on social media.  They are: 
  • Quickly consumedmemorable and powerful
  • Linked to the source for much-deeper information
  • The editing and summaries show understanding and thought leadership
  • Mainly share content from professionals in Commercial Real Estate, Business Consulting, and Thought and Executive Leadership

Of those who we've shared, the savvy ones Like or Comment on these "Golden Nuggets" as additional exposure, as well as serve the community and remind their followers of their wisdom.


Fabrizio Poli: "PRIVATE AVIATION MORE AFFORDABLE. Private aviation as an innovative way to travel by air, but the balance sheet has up until now prevented many companies from innovating. Single-prop, short flights change that, and requires a lot less runway than a jet and can also land on grass. London to Paris will cost around GBP£3,000 (USD$3,800), divide this by 8 passengers and you get £375 each ($475). Surfair are offering a monthly subscription for unlimited flights." (Safe, convenient, innovative, 4/2017, Edited)

Berny Dohrmann for your insights re SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENT: "We appreciate incoming posts but lack time to engage, which takes patience and time. With 32,000 blog ( subscribers / 100,000's of monthly readers, most don't comment - into the ether? BUT, wherever I speak globally they come up saying HOW MUCH THE BLOG HELPED THEM! So engagement rate is not a gauge of your brand value and contribution. If brand impression is your goal - just keep doing it. If you're trolling for prospects, you have to revise format and process to that model with an expert - say Daniel Ruke." (Edited - reprinted from private message with permission)

Brian Tracy: "As a salesperson, you are in the business of GAP ANALYSIS:' CLARIFY the need or the gap, BUILD buying desire, and put these ideas into ACTION." (Edited - more detail next week)

Dave Kerpen: SECRETS to loving the WORK YOU'RE WITH (cont'd

  • "REWARD YOURSELF. If dreading something that HAVE TO do, put it first on things to tackle, getting it out of the way, so I can focus on what matters that I'm looking forward to most. A reward can help, usually crossing it off the list. –Kayla Wagner Faires, Founder & CEO, Revel Interactive" (Edited)
  • "GOOD TEAMing. Doing tedious tasks with people you like and respect, in a warm and friendly environment, can be a pleasure with a good degree of camaraderie. –Matt Doyle, Vice President, Co-Founder, Excel Builders"
  • KEEP THE END IN MIND.  "Focus all you do to reach your goals, no matter how much you would otherwise dislike the task. Perspective is everything, and it's necessary to find enjoyment in the seemingly unenjoyable tasks. If your end goal is worthy then you should love any task you perform to reach it.  –David Tomas, General Manager, Cyberclick"  (Edited) 
  • More next week 

  • "Proper RECORD KEEPING, is too-often lacking among busy entrepreneurs, It's critical to maintain detailed professional financial records and annual fiscal statements, or you'll turn off a lender and shows poor managerial skills." (Edited - from last week) 
  • "YOUR PLAN: Be fully prepared with a current business plan, showing past performance of your company, exactly how you will be spending the amount loaned, the competitive advantages, projected results and your capability to service the debt." (Edited - from last week) 
  • "TIMING.  Borrowing when your business is weak or heading into a crisis may cost more [if still possible].  Anticipate and plan for all your cash flow or project requirements, and seek financing [well] before you start to feel the pinch." (Edited)
  • More next week 

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith: HOW 2 MANAGE KNOWLEDGE WORKERS (
  • LEADERs - DON’T PRETEND TO BE AN EXPERT! "Workers know more about their job than their bosses [and dig deeper to stay up with tech]. So how do you lead today’s highly-skilled professionals? Passion, support growth, value time, build networks and expand meaning," (Edited - from last week)
  • "PASSION. Many professionals work long hours, so it’s more crucial than ever that they love their work. Those who LEAD by example and DEMONSTRATE passion help their followers infuse the same passion." (Edited - from last week)
  • "STRENGTHEN ABILITIES. It’s critical that people update and refine their skills continuously. Leaders need to help their workers learn skills for tomorrow. Leaders also recognize that they may not be a technically competent as their direct reports." (Edited)
  • "APPRECIATE TIME: People have less time today, so the value of that time has increased. Leaders who waste their workers’ time are not looked upon favorably. Instead, they should help people to encourage their passions or enhance their abilities." (Edited)
  • "BUILD NETWORKS. Job security comes from having ability, passion and a great network. Enable people to form strong networks both inside and outside the company for: huge competitive advantage, strong loyalty, and expansion of knowledge for all concerned." (Edited)
  • "SUPPORT GROWTH: The best knowledge workers are working for more than money. They want to make a contribution and to grow in their fields. Leaders who ask their people, 'What can our company do to help you grow and achieve your goals?' will come back tenfold." (Edited) 
  • "EXPAND HAPPINESS and MEANING: No one wants to work at a meaningless job that makes them unhappy. Leaders must show their workers how the organization can help them make a contribution to the larger world and feel rewarded for doing something about which they are passionate."

  • "FREE ONLINE ADVERTISING. Free advertising is offered by the top search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing and Apple business listings. Search engines are competing for customers so need timely information." (Edited - from last week)
  • "DIY MARKETING EDUCATION. A few small moves could save a lot of time and money. Rushing to 'make some money becomes a hodgepodge approach versus a clear understanding of marketing ROI. Learn the right questions, know the alternatives and time-lines, and use simple techniques and processes that don't require much technical skill or time." (Edited)
  • "DEMAND CREATION vs FULFILLMENT. There are those who don't know they have a specific need or problem, and those searching for a solution, Marketing the same to both dilutes your message. Most products and services just need one or the other. Demand creation educates about needs and problems. Demand fulfillment satisfies them. Positioning is is vital." (Edited)
  • "Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Social Engine Marketing (SEM).   Oftentimes a customized balance combining the two is best. There are many 'hows' with using SEO and SEM, but simple tweaks, insights and basic knowledge often make a huge difference." (Edited)

  • "HIGH-PERFORMANCE DIGITAL TEAM, responsible for developing, testing, and implementing a strategy to reach and engage target audiences through digital channels like web, mobile, and social, working hand-in-hand with marketing and product leaders." (Edited - from last week) 
  • "CONSUMER EXPERIENCE must drive your consumer or 'user-facing' strategy. Don't believe you know what it "should be" - dooms you to failure. 'If you build it, they will NOT come' is a mantra that might have saved many entrepreneurs from disappointment and defeat!" (Edited - from last week) 
  • "'Instill a VISION of the fundamental change you want and how digital transformation can deliver it' (Perry Hewitt).  These discussions are shifting more from the 'how' to the 'who,'  as much about human capital investment as delivering new products and services." (Edited) 
  • "Embed DATA-INFORMED thinking in the culture.  Understand what to track, and create a culture of continuous measurement.  Be careful that people do not become obsessed with the numbers for numbers’ sake. Define what is actionable, and use data to drive that action." 
  • "COLLABORATION IS KEY.  ['Collaboration' is one of my Mantras - KHJ.]  Communication difficulties and old rules of business have conditioned workers to AVOID collaboration.  Learning to collaborate is not just competitively advantageous in a digital transformation economy, but it is a means of rediscovering our natural, creative and decidedly social selves."

  • "People prefer their leaders with flaws, because it makes leadership more attainable. By being candid about the mistakes you’ve made, or the open questions you have, others will appreciate your authenticity, and create a safe, open environment. Then, can real trust be created, and the best ideas emerge." (Edited - 3 approaches to follow) 
  • "ADMIT FAILURE and learn from it. My recommendation to invest $40M in a new venture produced 0.07%. When I explained to management what happened, where I'd been wrong, and what I’d do differently, I was told I was more valuable as a leader because I’d learned from this failure, 'Don’t make the same mistake again; go make a bunch of new mistakes, because that is how we grow.'" (Edited)
  • "SHARE your DEVELOPMENT.  Most keep performance reviews private, but sharing my goals and self-assessment with all my associates, openly commits me to focusing on improving in that area.  Ask teammates for feedback and the team gets better. This acknowledges we all have opportunities to grow, and welcome the support needed to conquer those challenges."
  • "SHOW EMOTION: Humans are emotional beings, and we shouldn’t be afraid to show it, even at work. I’ve been known to blink back a tear or two when discussing emotional decisions that affect people’s lives or reminiscing about people. It’s happened in front of everyone from employees to our board of directors. At those times, These genuine moments don’t embarrass me - they make me stronger." 

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