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Golden-Nugget Shares - Business, CRE, Tech, Blockchain and AI - Oct 29 - Nov 2

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Commercial Real Estate (CRE), Technology, Blockchain and AI

Bernard Marr. #BLOCKCHAIN IS CHANGING OUR WORLD - See his "Data Strategy" book and free "Tech Mega-Trends" eBook at end of article. "Blockchain technology's far more than Bitcoin - innovative uses are appearing every day." 35 listed WITH LINKS in #CyberSecurity, #Healthcare, #FinancialServices / #FinTech, #Manufacturing, #Industrial, #Government, #Charity, #Retail, #RealEstate, #Transport, #Tourism and #Media. (add #CRE #Technology, edited; more on eBook coming)

Kirk Borne.   #MACHINELEARNING MAKING BIG MOVES IN #MARKETING - "ML is (or should be) a core component of any marketing program now. Some of the top ML trends: hyper-personalization, real-time sentiment #analysis and response, behavioral #analytics, conversational #chatbots, Agile analytics, influencer marketing, Journey Sciences, context-based customer engagement via #IoT."  #Technology #AI #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #Business #Expansion (edited; details at his Blog,

Xiaorong Yang "SAMSUNG PARTNERS TO PILOT #BLOCKCHAIN SOLUTION - Dutch bank ABN AMRO and Rotterdam Port Authority partner with Samsung and its distributed ledger technology (#DLT), NexLedger, in pilot project for the SHIPPING INDUSTRY, including participation by 38 entities, including government, business and research institutes!  This is an opportunity for a business relationship between Europe and South Korea as well as one more step for blockchain."  #Technology #AI #FinTech (edited)

Diego Lo Giudice. MS AUGMENTS #DEVELOPERS with #AI AND #OPENSOURCE - BUILD 2018 (#Technology #Analysis #Business #Data #Research #Expansion, edited -
  • "#Microsoft is making it easier for its huge worldwide development community, encompassing enterprises, partners, and single developers to infuse AI vision, speech, language processing and more in applications building. This has the potential to enable software to augment developers’ coding capabilities and applications to behave smarter with:
  • "#MACHINELEARNING and #DEEPLEARNING AT THE EDGE. Build and train models on Azure, package them in Docker, and then deploy them anywhere on any type of device, including drones and industrial equipment.
  • "AI AT DEVELOPERS’ FINGERTIPS for building AI-infused applications. The list of AI services on Azure (approx. 35 to date) is now as large as those of any other big AI vendor, differentiating by the level of customization allowed." 
  • "AI to ASSIST DEVELOPERS WHILE CODING in VISUAL STUDIO as the IntelliCode extension.  It's the first step of a road map to deliver coding autocompletion and code style improvements.
  • "PROVEN COMMITMENT TO OPEN SOURCE and #CLOUD #DEVOPS. 1000s of organizations are adopting #Agile plus DevOps to accelerate their digital transformation. Their intent is to offer a clear cloud path to all developers.
  • "This one player with long-lived experience with developers is getting serious about augmenting enterprise developers with AI in an open world with multi-sense and multi-device capabilities and more!" 

Pedro Uria-Recio.  #AI #MARKETING 4 CEOS  (#Technology #Analysis #Business #Data #Expansion (edited; DMICON 2017 conference keynote; more coming -
  • "REAL-TIME #DATA. Traditional marketing techniques no longer apply in today’s complex technological world. Time to deeply change the way we do marketing, use RT data to target prospects individually in their particular circumstances, piloting with limited data to create momentum." 
  • "Marketing is moving toward lasting RELATIONSHIPS, along PERSONALIZED customer journeys, across multiple channels. Customer loyalty, repeat purchases, and brand advocacy are the ultimate target, best through digital channels. To do this, your organization needs to be structured with cross-functional and multi-disciplinary teams. Remove organizational silos to get people to work together with advanced analytics, media design, software development and data management." 
  • "Digital marketing is able to verify hypotheses and perform tests with virtually IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK, gaining full transparency.
  • "HUMAN EFFORTS in marketing are drastically REDUCED, but AI helps marketers focus on what makes marketing most human.
  • "AI-aided marketing is ultimately about changing the way senior marketing and business leaders understand their own job."

Commercial Real Estate (CRE) and Business

World Trade Center Denver listened. "In response to overwhelming demand from the Colorado business community, we now offer #CONSULTING SERVICES for all stages of global business development. And you don’t even have to be a member to take advantage of them (but you get a discount if you are):
  • Launch Services to navigate the complex global trade ecosystem with confidence
  • Growth Services to improve sales in existing markets, expand into new markets, introduce new products or streamline overseas mergers or acquisitions
  • Optimization Services to make even stronger connections and better profits
The new WTC Denver is about more than a bold new look. It’s about a bold new future for Colorado." (edited)

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