Monday, April 2, 2012

In Western Oregon USA, Apr 21-30, to Meet New Collaborators and Visit Projects - Who/What Do You Know?

Refer Collaborators and US $100MM+ Projects in Transition in Western Oregon USA
Apr 21-30 – Prosper Systems' Chief to Meet New Collaborators and Visit Projects

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Who/What Do You Know?

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WHERE: Portland-Newport, OR areas, with side trips anywhere in Western Oregon, USA

WHEN: Saturday to Monday, flying into Portland (PDX) 4/21 at 1:50 PM; driving to Newport area 4/23; returning 4/30 to fly out of PDX at 4:50 PM

WHO: Kenton Johnson, Founding Member, Prosper Systems LLC + Life-Companion

Connected to six Buyers with up to $1B per purchase or investment

WHY: Collaboration is the Wave of the Future (Google The Future IS Collaboration).

We used to trade our time for dollars. Now we and several of our Co-Collaborators trade our time and extensive talents for equity and some cash/commodity in the projects that we work, yielding instead of $100 per hour, we make $100 or more per Minute. Referrals make 5-20% of our income.

PURPOSE - Meet and Visit:

* Projects and their Owners

* Buyers and Investors

* Intermediaries, Consultants, and other Collaborators**

* Licensed Real Estate and Private-Placement Securities Brokers

* Licensed Attorneys

* Referrers and Representatives

* Commodities Dealers

* Other Collaborative Venturers

* $50M+ PROPERTIES in TRANSITION (Refer with introductory Information and NDAs):

- Mines - Gold, Silver, PGM, Other Metals, Coal, Uranium, Gravel, Other Minerals with US $1B++ in-ground assets

- Energy Fields - Oil, Gas, Shale, Wind, Solar, Geothermal with US $1B++ in-ground assets

- Land - with Water / Grazing / Mineral / Air Rights, with or without Buildings with US $100MM++ appraisals

- Turnkey Income Properties - Apartment Complexes, Malls, Office Buildings, Industrial Parks, with US $10MM++ NOI

- Businesses - High-Tech – growing to US $50MM++ Annual Net Profits

SCHEDULE ASAP: Email us for a meeting or showing. We'll have a laptop, printer and web-enabled phone for last-minute scheduling or changes, and printing NDAs and maps.

VISIT / PICK-UP: Inn at Otter Crest, 301 Otter Crest Drive, Otter Rock, OR 97369, with Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi, Gas Grills, Kitchen and a pull out double Bed for overnight guests.

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Best Regards, Kenton Johnson<>, Chief Collaborator, USA 303-770-4022


** Collaborators are mainly Intermediaries, Brokers, Attorneys and Consultants - see