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Golden-Nugget Shares - Business, CRE, Tech and AI - Oct 1-5

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Houston Chronicle: BLOCKCHAIN & AI - CRE FIRM's HOT SOFTWARE. "Justin Segal of Boxer Property developed in-house, then via its Stemmons Enterprise sells its technology to businesses of all kinds. incorporating #AI and #Blockchain, providing both predictive capabilities for companies react to situations before they happen and the ability to securely track and verify documents, financial transactions and other business activities." (edited) #CREtech #PropTech

Antony Slumbers:  "In #CRE, #AI is where you should be focussing."  The takeaway:  watch your CRE - "Artificial Intelligence has had a storming half decade. In just five years it has gone from the world of science fiction to mainstream discourse. Autonomous vehicles, robots that can perform backflips, computers that now rule the roost at Poker and GO as well as the long since vanquished Chess; all around us we read of one new breakthrough after another." (edited) Link

Stuart Appley: CRE TECH TRENDS HERE TO STAY (#CREtech #AI #PropTech #AR #VR #AV,  edited -
  • "Skyrocketing CRE tech investing, keeping a wary eye on the past, correlates to the larger  investing in the general tech industry.   But with a littered past of few survivors from the previous cycles, will this will be different?  I believe so, though the exit path options remain limited."
  • "Nearly $5Bln was invested in CREtech from 2014 thru mid 2016, which was a monumental leap for CRE, and there is strong staying power with 2016+ CRE startups.  Fully leveraging the cloud and the lower cost of capital that comes with it, makes it quicker and more efficient to implement,such as VTS  leasing and asset management, leaping ahead of other options< as well as other startups creating a real ecosystem of quality companies."
  • "The real question is what will happen to hot new CREtech companies in 3-5 years?  In 2016, few CRE startups had gone IPO, so founders stayed private or merged with others to continue growth.  We'll likely see a wave of consolidations as this growth cycle matures, and founders cash out or scale.  As quality companies gain attention, the advances in CRE tech are here to stay, and we're all better off for it!" 
Michael Beckerman. VIRTUAL REALITY SAVES CONSTRUCTION BIG BUCKS - "Adopting these technologies are crucial to the industry’s future success. VR and AR technology adds advantages to every stage of developing a new property." (#CRE #CREtech #AI #PropTech, edited -
  • "BUILDING INFORMATION MODELLING (BIM). #VR and Augmented Reality (#AR) started early in the project lifecycle, assist architects, developers and stakeholders with seeing a building’s potentials. VR’s immersive environment steps inside a structure, foreseeing problems, saving on expensive rework and design."
  • "ENHANCED COLLABORATION. Project managers work with contractors, subcontractors, stakeholders and regulatory supervisors at different phases of a build. The immersive environment stimulates discussion about the build.  360-degree cameras can capture progress as the project proceeds to provide updates to the distributed teams.  When equipped with AR glasses, site crews view real-time instructions on the required tasks, minimizing wasted time and materials.  AR works for consulting experts, too.  AR helps off-site managers see problems, allowing them to assist working through the issue."
  • "REDUCED REWORK.  VR and AR technology improves the chances teams will finish the build with minimal rework. Skycatch’s drone and VR modeling on a construction project in Japan, found a problem on the first day of its use. By comparing gathered imagery against the site model, the system found a $400K misaligned concrete slab, costing MUCH more had construction had been allowed to continue"
  • "BETTER DECISION-MAKING. As a result of VR and AR’s application in building modelling, collaboration, and construction, construction teams increase decision-making speed. The spatial experience reduces misinterpretation as it shows what the end product should look like. Notes left in AR clarify any questions site crews have about the task at hand."
    Continuing Forbes' THE FUTURE OF REAL ESTATE TECH report (#CRE #CREtech #AI #AR #PropTech, edited - 
    • INHIBITORS - "US real estate is a $35tln asset class with more than $1tln in revenue annually, but until recently there were only a handful of significant CREtech success stories. There was seemingly a general wariness of the structural issues that make implementation challenging: concern that tech-driven transparency could lead to diminished broker relevance; owners primary focus is on acquisition / asset management; self-service info entry is non-standardized, often not updated on closing; agents preferring proprietary listing information; the appeal of physical asset vs data; unstable real estate markets."
    • "Real Estate 1.0, 1998-2011+ was not absent from the prior tech booms. Software, Data and Marketplace companies helped fuel success:  CoStar, '98, and ARGUS and LoopNet in mid 2000s, planted seeds for post-'08 residential Zillow and Trulia."
    • 2.0, 2015-2017+ "Enter 2 new categories - tech-enabled services and space arbitrage - the latter OFFERING (vs searching) existing physical spaces for different uses or shorter duration than previously.  WeWork is the clearest example  AND it is diversifying into other tech enabled services [e.g. tennant repping]. For rapid growth, capital required is typically for workers, thus linear and needs more #CRE!"
    • 3.0, 2017+ "Complementary to incumbents, the themes of this phase will likely include:  #IoT, #SpatialVisualization, #VR, #BigData, #AI, #MachineLearning, #PropTech, #Purchasing and #Contractor #DataBases.  Still a small fraction of many other sectors, 2.0 winners and up and comers will invest more in real estate infrastructure, data and visualization to stabilize growth.  These successes increase owner and service provider awareness of the importance of CREtech, scaling it even faster."  
    Coldwell Banker Commercial.  AUGMENTED REALITY and ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (#AR #AI - #CRE #CREtech - finishing, edited - 
    • "HOSPITALITY. Hotels are improving guest services by replacing the concierge with voice-activated AI and machine learning, which can be used in CRE to promote assets while using AR to show clients the potential for these new technologies." 
    • "MULTIFAMILY.  New multifamily buildings could be filled up before construction has even begun using AR to allow prospective tenants to walk-through its spaces, which will be light years ahead of their competition.  Also, AI is helping to match tenants with landlords, investors with developers, and improving building management for building owners."
    • "When AV goes mainstream, CRE changes will be massive — urban planning, public transit, parking lots ... as developers are forced to repurpose properties to accommodate AV. AV tech will disrupt office, retail, industrial and healthcare real estate."
    • "OFFICE.  Workers will require less parking, so rethink utilization of those facilities, which average 10% of CBD office building gross revenue.  Suburban offices also need to monetize their oft-abundant surface parking.  Both should consider new features including curbside pickup, ride-sharing lobbies," drive-through dropoff/pickup and shopping, green-houses, activity or retail areas, storage - anything aesthetic and compatible that generates income.
    • "INDUSTRIAL may experience the biggest disruption of all.  Warehouse operations will face a large shift because of their use of AV logistics and trucking.  E-commerce distribution centers are implementing AV technology as self-driving forklifts and automated racking systems, loading and transporting large volumes of material, resulting in better safety and efficiency in facilities.  Automated trucks would require less time at each stop.  These factors will require developers to rethink the location and size of buildings, allowing for increased flexibility and less parking for warehouse workers."
    • "RETAIL.  AV delivery could solve a big problem for retailers as of late — the last mile. With AV technology, deliveries would be able to reach customers faster and more efficiently. Trucks would also be able to reach their destination faster thanks to fewer required stops and better autonomous mapping systems.  Like office buildings, mall and retail properties would need to repurpose a large portion of their parking lots as fewer people would require places to store their automobiles when they shop." 
    • "HEALTHCARE will be greatly impacted by AV.  More AV’s will increase safety, including drunk / reduced-ability driver transport, to reduce accidents and hospital stays.  This could cause medical facility downsizing or repurposing.  As with other #CRE classes, parking would need to be repurposed, but could be used as better drop-off points for patients with mobility issues," as well as increased expansion for wellness options. 
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