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Golden InfoNuggets - FEB 4-8 - Business, CRE, Tech, Blockchain and AI


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Commercial Real Estate, Technology, Blockchain & AI

Michael Beckerman (29 years - public relations, real estate).  HOW'S THE #CRE INDUSTRY ADAPTING to #TECH (#AR #VR #PropTech (edited -
  • "Older execs continue to struggle with spreadsheets and virtual reality, but the younger generation has no problem using these tools.  [Time to catch up or be replaced by a #Millennial or #Robot.]
  • Complexity is our greatest challenge.
  • 84% of CRE execs think that #technology is the solution to the industry’s complexity, but only 11% of CRE execs consider themselves on the #LeadingEdge of technology.  89% are not able to leave their comfort zone.
  • More than 50% of CRE leadership said they were planning to become more #DataCentric.
  • #Mobile tech has made the traditional 9-5 cubicle life practically obsolete.
  • #Business is migrating from the office to the #smartphone, spending approximately five hours per day on their mobile devices.
  • Unified monitoring through #MobileManagement can anticipate 25% faster repair times and 20% less #downtime.
  • The largest single #disruption coming to CRE will be #AI that can replace a #realtor.”
Angelica Krystle Donati (12 years - entrepreneur, writer).  #PROPTECH #STARTUP #SURVEY (pt 1 of 12, labeled #StartupLife) - . "70 responses from PropTech founders from many countries, backgrounds and diverse areas of #RealEstate, with many #tech solutions.  Looking at motivations for getting into this industry, the barriers they faced, the joys and disappointments they experienced, and much more. The goal is to understand what truly goes into being a PropTech startup founder."  WHY BECOME A FOUNDER? (#CRE #Technology #AI #Data #Science #Research #Investment #SmallBusiness; edited - for
  • GBuilder, Finland - "Couldn't find a comprehensive solution to bring the customer to the center of the #construction process, so created one ourselves."
  • Student Tenant, England - "Relaunched a failing #investment - very-scalable model in a large niche."
  • HomeBeat.Live, Berlin- "The lack of transparency and efficiency in 2 #HOA-controlled buildings was mind-boggling, so we created a #digital solution."
  • FixFlo, London - "Solved a widespread problem found #renting out property #remotely."
  • Aegis AI, South Africa - "Due to high, violent crime rates, I used #AI to automatically identify guns in existing security camera feeds."
  • WhyHotel - "We realized there’s an underlying inefficiency to how newly-constructed apartment buildings are delivered to market, so we rented out unoccupied luxury apartments during the lease-up phase."
  • Ideal Flatmate, London - "We become frustrated finding a new flatshare. so build something that focused on people first."
  • Exquance - "A large real estate investment company's Excel models were really slow and took up 75% of a day, de-focusing ca more-important work, so the founders created one of their own platform."
  • hOM - "While making wellness more accessible through a meditation studio, their landlord paid for yoga classes to the tenants as an amenity ... pivot!"

Commercial Real Estate and Business

Todd Tretsky (25 years - real estate finance) noted: MBA FORECASTS STRONG #COMMERCIAL #MORTGAGE MARKET FOR 2019 (#2019predictions #Analysis #Business #Data #Research #Investment #Startup; edited -

  • "55% of the #CRE-leading firms expect originations to increase this year, with 13% predicting an overall increase of 5% or more across the entire market. When forecasting just their own firm's originations, 38% expected to see an increase of 5% or more in 2019.
  • "88% of originators reported that borrowers had 'strong' or 'very strong' appetites to take out new loans last year, while 78% expect borrowers' appetites this year to be 'strong' or 'very strong.'

Don Catalano (30 years - real estate). #TIPS 4 #LEASING #OFFICE #SPACE. "When considering new office spaces for your company, don't overlook the fine details beyond #cost and size of various spaces ( #CRE #Analysis #Business #Research #Expansion #Investment #Startup; edited -
  • #PARKING - find out how many spaces in the parking lot or garage will be reserved for your company and what steps are taken to enforce the parking rules.
  • #SIGNAGE #RIGHTS - for brand building. If you're occupying a large portion of the building, have your name added to the exterior or displayed on a roadside marquee. At the very least, your business name should appear on a directory inside the lobby."
  • #CELLPHONE RECEPTION - walk through the space with your smartphone or tablet to check the reception. Dead zones interfere with your company's ability to communicate during the day.
  • #COMPLIANCE - verify that your #landlord has ensured compliance with accessibility #laws and local safety #regulations. Double check that #zoning requirements and the #terms of your lease don't conflict with your line of business."
  • OTHER #TENANTS.  Browse the directory to find out who else is located in your prospective building.  Avoid competitors, companies that conflict with your brand image due to their reputation or line of business [and those that may make messes, noise, smells or chase off customers].
  • #ACCESSIBILITY.  Survey employees to find out how many rely on public transportation for commuting [as well as lunch-time errands and before/after-work meetings]. Then check that the nearby transit stops will serve those needs."  [If there are a couple of exceptions, compensate for ride-hailing, as many cities are or will soon be doing to feed their main lines:]
  • #SECURITY.   With concerns about workplace violence, it's important that your building has taken steps to ensure the security and safety of your employees - check the measures are in place.  [Also check the security of communications and internet connections, including who has access and how to get it.]
  • #NEIGHBORHOOD.  What's within easy walking distance to give you [, customers] and employees easy access to restaurants, bars, dry cleaners, pharmacies and other service businesses.  [Check crime stats and for dangerous areas nearby, especially between customer parking and the space.]
  • #SPACES.  Pay attention to the condition of shared areas like elevators, restrooms, hallways and reception areas [often the real indicator of a building's quality.  Check all spaces for:  natural and soothing lighting, health-giving plants, ADA access, in-house child care and food service, tough paint and carpets, sound suppression and quiet/private areas.]  
  • #BRAND.  Look for a building with offices that will help to project the right, vital brand image for your business.

Jeffrey Hammond (27 years - IT, analysis) via Diego Lo Giudice  (33 years - analyst, researcher).  #MICROSOFT BUILD 2018 (continued; #Technology #Analysis #Business #Data #Research #Expansion #Investment; edited - previous for  
  • "#WINDOWS as an operating system and Office as a suite evolve toward a single 'Microsoft 365' Platform for Windows, .NET and Office developments - Azure willl continue on its own.
  • #IoT CAPABILITIES - steady maturation and open sourcing the Azure IoT Edge runtime and its inference engine, along with Azure Sphere.
  • EXPANDED #SUPPORT for modern development of cloud-native apps, such as Visual Studio App Center and DevOps.
  • #AI and #MachineLearning - ethical and consumable, using augmented intelligence and helping blind, deaf, and autistic users.
  • #INTEROP, #INTERCHANGE AND #INTEGRATION - building cloud-native, multi-dimensional customer experiences will require developers to spend a lot of time integrating code, lest customers end up getting locked into a single platform vendor’s walled garden."

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