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Golden-Nugget Shares - Business, CRE, Tech, Blockchain and AI - November 12-16

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Commercial Real Estate, Technology, Blockchain and AI
Evan Hodges noted.  #BLOCKCHAIN IMPACTING #CRE - "It [was] only a matter of time before blockchain began to infiltrate industries all around the world - even historically-traditional industries are not immune to the disruption, Commercial Real Estate included, for:  smarter and more transparent TRANSACTIONS,  faster LIQUIDITY and land TITLE recording:" (edited) -

Kirk Borne.  FACILITATE PROACTIVE #CYBERSECURITY OPERATIONS - "#BIGDATA #ANALYTICS, #MACHINEINTELLIGENCE and #AI are the soul of our digital revolution, especially in cybersecurity operations.  #Data quantity and complexity has skyrocketed due to the exploding #IoT, operational technologies (#OT) and and interconnected global economy.  The ability to extract meaningful signals about potentially nefarious activities, and ultimately deter those activities, has become increasingly complex due to the dynamic nature of computer networks, sophisticated adversaries and network vulnerabilities.   There is hope for making meaningful progress."  Free 50pp eBook.  #Technology #DeepLearning #Analysis #Business (edited)

Gartner. EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES #HYPECYCLES (#AI #AR #AutonomousVehicles #Blockchain #CyberSecurity #DataScience #IoT #4Dprinting #Robotics #Startup #VR; edited; more next week - - "Innovation Trigger, Peak of Inflated Expections, Trough of Disillusionment, on to Plateau of Productivity, indicated in <2 to 10+ years."

Don Catalano. #TECHNOLOGY TRENDS IMPACTING #CRE (#AI #Business #Data #PropTech #Expansion #Startup; edited -
  • "#AR/#VR has advanced to a point where it can enter the mainstream business world: VR's impacting office design, more virtual meeting scenarios, marketing leases and purchase; AR's still finding its way with the potential to revolutionize building management and maintenance, enabling techs to see the status of systems as they walk through buildings.
  • "#DRONES are now a requirement. Their video is something that tenants and purchasers can demand to help them gain a quick overview of properties. Managers will continue finding new ways to use drones to help them inspect and manage commercial real estate buildings."
  • #IoT has significantly advanced in the robustness of the technology. 2018 is the year for more owners and users integrate #IoT into their management systems, bringing increased building efficiency, better maintenance and improved tenant experiences.
  • "#BIGDATA powers IoT via sensors and Big Data's mining and #analysis tools, gaining further use along with IoT adoption in 2018."
  • "#AI killer apps are 2018's likely biggest #IoT innovation, and blended with IoT/#BigData repositories allows CRE users to know issues, be given solutions and have technicians dispatched.
  • "#BLOCKCHAIN is a secure #DigitalLedger of transactions, and is already being tested as a replacement for real estate title systems," contracts and purchasing. 

Commercial Real Estate and Business

Enrique Dans. #INTERNET, #GEOPOLITICS ... THE #FUTURE - "#Alphabet Exec Chair, Eric Schmidt, is predicting an Internet divided into 2 independent networks managed by the United States and China [and maybe a 3rd by the EU], but that division is already in existence." Sad, since it could impede #blockchain's promise of collaborative international commerce, as well as robust collaboration between #businesses, #STEM professionals and the #humanities that probably keeps us from #WWIII. #Technology (edited) Schmidt: Dans:

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