Monday, August 27, 2012

REFERRAL OP: Meeting Collaborators and Viewing Projects in Western Arizona USA, 9/24-10/1

Meeting Collaborators and Viewing Projects in Western Arizona USA
Sept 24 - Oct 1 – Prosper Systems' Chief to Meet New Collaborators and Visit Projects
Looking at Projects worth or to be worth US $100MM++
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Who/What Do You Know in Western Arizona?
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WHERE:  Phoenix-Chandler, AZ areas, with side trips anywhere in Western Arizona, USA

WHEN:  Monday to Monday, flying into Phoenix (PHX) 9/24 at 2:50 PM; transferring to Chandler 9/24 (ride to Chandler when showing a project appreciated); returning 10/1 to fly out of PHX at 3:45 PM
Scheduling:  Phoenix – 9/24-30 – afternoons
                     Chandler and Western AZ – 9/24-30 – days and possible overnights
                     Phoenix – 10/1 – morning in Metro Phoenix; early afternoon near PHX airport

WHO:  Kenton Johnson, Founding Member, Prosper Systems LLC + Life-Companion
Connected to six Buyers with up to $1B per purchase or investment

WHYCollaboration is the Wave of the Future (Google The Future IS Collaboration). 
We used to trade our time for dollars.  Now we and several of our Co-Collaborators trade our time and extensive talents for equity and some cash/commodity in the projects that we work, yielding instead of $100 per hour, closer to $100 per MinuteReferrals yield 5-20% of our income.

PURPOSEMeet and Visit:
 * Projects and their Owners
 * Buyers and Investors
 * Intermediaries, Consultants, and other Collaborators**
 * Licensed Real Estate and Private-Placement Securities Brokers
 * Licensed Attorneys
 * Referrers and Representatives
 * Commodities Dealers
 * Other Collaborative Venturers
 * PROJECTS in TRANSITION (Refer with introductory Information and NDAs):
      - Mines – Gold, Silver, PGM, Other Metals, Coal, Uranium, Gravel, Other Minerals, with US $1B++ in-ground assets
      - Energy Fields – Oil, Gas, Shale, Wind, Solar, Geothermal, with US $1B++ in-ground assets
      - Land – with Water / Grazing / Mineral / Air Rights, with or without Buildings, with US $100MM++ appraisals
      - Turnkey Income Properties – Apartment Complexes, Malls, Office Buildings, Industrial Parks, growing to US $10MM++ Net Operating Income
      - Businesses – High-Tech – growing to US $30MM++ Annual Net Profits

SCHEDULE ASAP:  Email us for a meeting or showing.  We'll have a laptop, printer and web-enabled phone & tablet for last-minute scheduling or changes, and printing NDAs and maps.

VISIT / PICK-UP / OUR LOCATION 9/24-30:  886 West Galveston, Chandler AZ 85225, with Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi, Gas Grills, Kitchen and a pull out double Bed for overnight guests.

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Best Regards,

PROSPER SYSTEMS, LLC • Kenton H Johnson<>, Founding Member
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** Collaborators are mainly Intermediaries, Brokers, Attorneys and Consultants – see