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Golden-Nugget Shares - Business, CRE, Tech, Blockchain and AI - December 3-14

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Commercial Real Estate, Technology, Blockchain and AI

Hassan Syed. TOP #BLOCKCHAIN IDEAS - #CRYPTOCURRENCIES NOT INCLUDED.  #Analysis #Business #Research #Investment #SmallBusiness #Startup; edited-
  • "This love/hate relationship with cryptocurrencies is taking  the attention away from what a technology like Blockchain can do to transform our world.  Here are six ideas on how to use blockchain other than the cryptocurrencies:  Public #Voting, Private #Data Bank, Shareholders Voting, Private #Digital #Storage, Corporate Digital Storage, #Government Records."
  • "DIGITAL IDENTITY. Blockchain can help in creating an independent identity that is owned by me and I can safely use it anywhere, WITHOUT giving away my personal information.  Ideas related to blockchain-based digital identity:
  • "#PublicVoting –  digitally, securely, validating every vote cast.
  • "#PrivateDataBank – full control over access to YOUR data, and easier, safer transfer medical records [school transcripts, bank statements, tax returns, etc].
  • "#ShareholderVoting – engaging shareholders in the strategic direction of a company, and allowing maximum participation."
  • "#DISTRIBUTEDSTORAGE.  If all your digital media and files were securely stored in millions of fragments, with multiple copies of each fragment, and you were able to access them from any device, without anybody being able to peek into your data. That is blockchain based distributed storage:
  • "#PrivateDigitalStorage – Ffiles are divided into small encrypted pieces and stored in a pool of millions of computers, with multiple copies of each piece stored on a different machine.
  • "#CorporateDigitalStorage – Blockchain can expedite the departure of corporate storage from internal #DataCenters to the cloud with flexibility, security and redundancy at a low cost.
  • "#GovernmentRecords – Births, deaths, marriages, deeds, decisions, proceedings, and so much other government data stored and accessible on demand." 
Dustin Goodwin noted Philip Gross BLOCKCHAIN and
hashtagTOKENIZED ASSETS to TRANSFORM #ACCOUNTING (#Technology #Analysis #Business; edited -
  • "Tokenization of assets yields completely auditable and transparent accounting systems but reduces manual entry. LIKE STARS IN THE MILKY WAY, the billions of global, daily transactions can be tokenized (turned into a star), recorded in a public ledger with unchangeable property rights (added to the Milky Way), and embedded with the open international standard for digital business reporting (XBRL) codes. Encription protects your data."
  • "#XBRL is a reporting language that allows traceability of financial transactions.  According to, it 'provides a language in which reporting terms can be authoritatively defined, which can be used to uniquely represent the contents of financial statements or other kinds of compliance, performance and business reports.  XBRL lets reporting information move between organizations rapidly, accurately and digitally.'  XBRL allows every exchange to be embedded with a unique code which contains embedded information of what it is, where it came from, when it was traded, and so on."
  • "Blockchain tech is exploding - writings[, groups, startups] and create implementations.   This general ledger system [often called a #Distributed or #Digital #Ledger] ensures all data on the blockchain has been verified, providing a completely traceable, auditable system.  Verification ensures each transaction is a non-duplicative exchange.  Exchanges contain XBRL coding and have secure data encryption."
  • #ZeroDataEntry.  "We’ve already seen development towards this:  XBRL US and ConsenSys recently announced a partnership to explore the ability to tokenize assets, such as triple-entry accounting called Balanc3 built on top of a blockchain.  Blockchain goes beyond accounting using consensus to verify transactions.  Eventually, bank feeds and manual reconciliations will be a thing of the past.  Tokenization of assets would bring value to small and mid-size business accounting systems, giving full access to reporting on KPIs, projections into the future and real-time data." hashtag
Kirk Borne.  "FACILITATE PROACTIVE #CYBERSECURITY OPERATIONS with #BigData #Analytics, #MachineLearning, #AI and their applications companion, #MachineIntelligence - these are the soul of the digital revolution, but probably no more essential anywhere else than in cybersecurity operations.  The quantity and complexity of digital network information has skyrocketed in recent years.  To be effective, our cybersecurity applications must proceed proactively from sensors (data collectors) to signals (big data) to sentinels (pattern detection and recognition, including the identification of early warnings and creation of alerts, through the algorithms of AI and machine learning) to sense-making (insights and action, through machine intelligence)."  #Blockchain  #Analysis #Business #DataScience  #Research #Startup (edited)

Andy Fitze noted the tweet to the article to an ASSOCHAM/PwC report, "ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and ROBOTICS – 2017."  Takeaway:  "#AI-based applications, from intelligent smartphone keyboards to voice-activated assistants, have become far more intelligent than were or are perceived to be. Be it #financial services, #healthcare, #education, or even #security and #governance, AI-based automation can be exploited for the benefit of citizens and [a] country, impacting almost every sector of the economy." -D S Rawat, Secretary General, ASSOCHAM India #Technology #Analysis #Business (edited)

Paul Foley noted Colorado Governor-Elect Polis's #BLOCKCHAIN plans with statement: "My goal is to establish Colorado as a national hub for blockchain innovation in business and government. I believe strong leadership will put Colorado at the forefront of innovation in this sector – encouraging companies to flock to the state and establishing government applications that save taxpayers money and create value for Colorado residents."

Commercial Real Estate and Business

Don Catalano. "#DRONES are IMPACTING #CRE (#Technology #AI #Business #Research #DIY #Expansion #Investment #Startup (edited; details next week)
  • It's hard to miss them in the news, and seeing them hanging over your neighbor's compound wouldn't catch you by surprise. These remote-controlled couriers and cameras have had a major impact on many industries, including commercial real estate. If you are a landlord, real estate marketer or a commercial tenant, you need to familiarize yourself with drone technology and its impact on CRE: preparation, #marketing, #inspection and #mapping."
  • "PREPARATION - know that:  for #commercial purposes they have to abide by the rules and regulations set by the Federal Aviation Administration (#FAA); those weighing 0.55 - 55 pounds must be registered (free or inexpensive); they're then marked with a unique registration number; as an unmanned aircraft system (#UAS), technology evolves so the FAA is bound to revise its rules."
  • "MARKETING PROPERTIES. Drones take aerial images and videos that provide fantastic views of existing properties as well as those yet to be constructed. Aerial videography / photography give CRE marketers / agents an opportunity to showcase their listings in a powerful and unique way, and is highly flexible and affordable. Also, purchasers and tenants get a clearer view [with drones, videography, interactive video or 360-photography] without visiting the property in person [- sell to anyone, anywhere!]"
  • "INSPECTIONS easy with 'virtual eyes in the sky;' drones help property owners, real estate developers and commercial tenants to inspect all corners of the property, including hard to reach areas like the roof and crawl space areas. Going beyond 'normal' inspections, drones can help unearth potentially hazardous elements such as gas leaks, preventing disasters and can eliminate the cost of hiring professional inspectors."
  • "MAPPING. "Drones can provide an extraordinary view of a property's surrounding environments, collecting data for surveys and guides, including the property’s proximity to amenities. This helps commercial tenants inspect a building, and how the space relates to its immediate and nearby environments." Drones can efficiently video/photo inside buildings - office to warehouse - to get a unique perspective on space, layout and design.

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