Sunday, March 21, 2010

Prosper Systems Real Estate Investment Team


Our team, including our exclusive Commercial Realtor®, has an average of more than 30 investments to date each in seven statesOur investments have been in all types of properties, with a focus being multifamily housing.

Our exclusive Commercial Realtor knows:

·  Property Management has owned and managed more than 1000 multifamily units in 7 states
·  Purchased multiple property types including industrial, retail, land and multifamily
·  Can assist in the evaluation of property values and has done for various county courts
·  Negotiate all aspects of the transaction
·  Provide information on Alternative financing options
·  Experienced with equity trading with multiple properties and types of properties
·  Provide educated opinions on current rental rates, opportunity for expansion and investment potential

Our Realtor favors us as a loyal, exclusive client, providing:

·  The best, earliest deals
·  Priority on showings
·  Prequalification of properties based upon investment needs
·  The inside track on new listings
·  Trade opportunities to help expand your portfolio

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