Monday, September 8, 2014

Advisory Opportunities, Lucrative Referrals, Hot New Buyers/Funders, Skype Texting Auto-Translator

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Reminder: startups, expansions and even mature organizations welcome Advisors with your high qualifications.  Network to find those opportunities, and engage in that conversation at every opportunity.  Ask for a SMALL EQUITY POSITION versus a stipend to greatly exceed $30-$60K per year over the life of the company. 


We are off to the Carolinas for my lady's and my Annual Birthday Celebration Trip:  

  • Raleigh, late Sep 19th through the 21st

  • Charlotte - meet Alan Adler in the afternoon, McLain Hall in the evening, 22nd

  • Myrtle Beach, 23rd

  • Wilmington or Havelock, 24th

  • Cape Hatteras, 25-26th

  • Raleigh and home, 27th

Selling, Buying (HOT BUYERS) and Funders

We are now focused heavily on Selling and Buying - see  So ... WHO DO YOU KNOW to meet at or between cities, who you'd refer for our, especially:

  • US$100M+++ owners of property (see and precious assets (art, cars, gems, gold, silver)

  • US$200M+++ owners of debt-free, bank-appraisable assets (see

  • US$500M+++ Oil field owners (we have voracious, fast, cash buyers in the US and world-wide)

OBVIOUSLY, we are interested in ANY OTHER LOCATIONS to connect before or after the trip - so KEEP those REFERRALS coming - FILL YOUR PIPELINE.

Also, we have funder organizations that will pay us for referring well-vetted start-ups and expansions as a consultant, based on a FLAT 20-30% of the their EXPECTED funding fee.

FORWARD sales opportunities, buyers, start-ups or expansions to me, and earn 5% of my income - more work and you can move up to 20%.  Details at  A straight-forward introduction format is at


We have ClownFish TEXT translator working now on Skype, so we can do automatic translations from many languages into many other languages, even if the recipient has not implemented the ClownFish translator.  

If you chose to implement it, START at


RESPOND via blog comments, REPLY to me by the notification email or call.

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