Friday, May 31, 2013

RSVP: Seeking REFERRALS to Personnel - Very Part-Time Virtual, then Full-Time On-Location or Virtual

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Recently-Updated version of opportunities at 

Prosper Systems and its clients are rapidly growing so require excellent people ... now

• Time Commitment and Environment 
... Working a couple of hours a week, growing to full time after reaching minimum funding levels 
... Virtually via email, phone, collaborative tools and video conferencing 
... Full time can optionally be on location, later, if reasonable 

• Compensation 
... Deferred but generous monthly compensation, payable after reaching minimum funding levels 
... Profit Sharing on high-potential, near-term $100M to $2B net-profit projects 
... Other lucrative perks 

• Locations - growing to Denver, Phoenix, Palm Springs, Reno, Nevada, California, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska and NE South America 

• Industries - see (includes Mining, Real Estate and High Tech) 

• Referral Fee Schedule - suggest 5-20% as a basis for arrangements with your Referrees 


• Executive Assistant growing to Executive levels (Urgent) 
• SEC Compliance Officer (Urgent) 

• Corporate Counsel 
• Financial Officers 
• Operations Officers 
• Computer professionals (office, communications) 
• Real Estate professionals 
• Engineers (especially Mining)
• Geologists (especially Mining)

• Project Managers 
• Draftspersons 
• Paralegal 
• Administrators 
• Virtual Assistant 

• Others that you or your associates may BOLDLY identify from our webpages 

Please make Referral Fee arrangements with your Referrees in advance. 

Happy to answer questions 10-6 USA Mtn Time (GMT-6) weekdays, other times by appointment. 

Thank you very much, 
Kenton Johnson, Founding Member
ph: (302)KentonJ (Google Voice, 302-536-8665) 


BEWARE: conversion to LinkedIn's NEW CONTACTS is NOT RECOMMENDED.  NEW CONTACTS is seriously defective -- poorly launched as famously done by Microsoft and Google (now coined SoftGoo™): 

• Reverting NOT allowed, 
• NO select and send to a list of contacts, 
• Sync to other contacts is only ONE WAY, 
• NO sorting by Last Name and ... 
• Their blogs allow NO feedback
• They ignore their Help Forums

USA 302KentonJ - GoogleVoice: 302-536-8665; Transcribed Voice Messages and Text; forwards to Mobile (303-770-4022), GoogleTalk and other phones.

For Lucrative Referrals and Participation:  Keep an eye out for Referrals to Companies, Collaborators and Capital for projects that are or will be worth $100M++.  See latest and refer using - worth a minimum of $50K to you per project.  {Yes - upon sale, my current projects will be worth $80K to $8M each to four Referrers and Collaborators (participants) ... so far.}

Friday, January 18, 2013

Easy/Smart/Faster Business Operations

Dear Collaborators-           Also posted on our - Join!

Being basically lazy, I've learned the easy/smart/fast ways of doing many things, especially in technology.  You might like some of these:
  • For a private street address, obtain the least-expensive local PO Box and use the Post Office's address, e.g., 280 East 1st Avenue, Suite poboxNearestBigCity ST zipcode ($11/quarter at USPS including forwarding  beats the UPS store: $60-$75/quarter plus $30 & postage for forwarding).
  • For a quick, free yet classy business webpage, create a LinkedIn Company page, buy a company domain name (Best supported from, then point it to the new Company Page.  You can also buy a personal domain name and point it to your personal LinkedIn page, then you are done for the year.  
  • If you want to get fancier, has 1- to unlimited-page website builders for $1-$7 per month, paid annually, including a domain name at no charge (best deal in the country now  I'm experimenting with the new, 10-page $4/month version now that automatically makes a customizable mobile version (the wave of the future)
  • When you buy a domain name, buy as much of the domain suite as you can  .com, .biz, .org, .info, .net, .me, us, .ws  saves money (usually ~$5 vs $10) ... and ... discourages some foreigner from buying one of them then trying to sell it back to you for $600.
  • It is much smarter to have your own domain with associated email address, such, re-directed to your current email address (which is currently on gMail).  You can change the email server without notice, and not have to go through the lengthy notification and conversion processes.
  • That also goes for phone number(s).  800/877/866/855 phone numbers can be re-directed quickly, but sometimes at a fee, so I use Google Voice which can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and rings my home, mobile and Skype numbers, as well as transcribes to text mail.  The actual numbers are kept private and can change whenever I want.  (Ringing my Skype is sometimes more obvious than my phone, especially if I've left it on silent or elsewhere.)  Vanity numbers such as my 302KentonJ and 888-4KENTON might also be available.  
  • Sync all your files to the "Cloud" so you can access them from anywhere on any smart device  can even send to your printer or others' that you add (recommend  You can share folders with others for instant Collaboration (restrict invitations from your invitees unless they are very close)
  • simultaneously posts to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media accounts (but not Google+ personal account only the business account at this point), saving posting each yourself (or hire someone to).  It can also schedule them for later, and you can submit a spreadsheet with date, time, message and accounts for several future posts.  Some websites will allow you to post their article or page directly through HootSuite.
  • Sometimes, a smart device like a tablet or smart phone, has more user functionality, especially for social media posting (such as to HootSuite)
  • For professionals, and small businessmen, who don't have a lawyer on retainer for their personal or small business questions  traffic, contracts, wills, accounting, collections, rentals, etc  or be represented in legal actions  disputes, infractions, audits, etc.  See for excellent service in US and Canada..
  • Consulting as a professional or in addition to your "day" profession or business can be much more lucrative per hour if you help start-ups, expansions and mature companies for equity and stipend as consultant, adviser, board member or officer.  It takes longer to see the money, but can make you wealthy, allow you to retire early then become a seed capitalist for more rewards:  personal, professional and financial.  See out latest for ideas and opportunities.  Current projects will be worth $80K to $8M each to four Referrers and Collaborators (participants) ... so far.  Happy to answer your questions.
Please post your suggestions.  We'll update this list on this Blog with the direct sub-domain,

To our Lucrative New Year, Kenton Johnson (.com) • Collaboration.Prosper
USA 302KentonJ  GoogleVoice: 302-536-8665; Transcribed Voice Messages and Text; forwards to Mobile (303-770-4022) and Skype (KentonDenverCO)

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