Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas and GIFTS for a Lucrative 2015!

Dear Collaborators - for You and your Family: 

2015 will be even greater IF you refer for Massive Passive Income:

  • Companies / Properties for Sale or seeking Financing

  • Capital Representatives

  • Superior Collaborators

    Note:  Ayimas Nahara, a young African studying the language and finishing his EE Degree in China, has referred more than any 10 of you folks - time to catch up!   
See our:

  •  - looking especially for:

     - us$100mm+ Real Estate and $10mm+ Art PROPERTIES (several international buyers)

     - us$50mm-$200mm US Producing OIL & GAS OPERATIONS (fast, cash buyer)

     - us$500mm+++ non-US Producing OIL & GAS OPERATIONS (voracious, fast, cash buyer) 

     - us$200mm+++ Virtually Debt-Free, Bank-Appraisable LARGE ASSETS, described fully at:

  • Lucrative Schedule

Please reply to me with referrals, and here with questions.

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