Monday, August 4, 2014

Being WEALTHY Comes from ‘SELF-CHARM’ versus a ‘Charmed Life’

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In Libby Kane’s Business Insider article, “10 Ways Rich People Think Differently,” she describes Thomas Corley’s work and conclusions.  He spent five years monitoring and analyzing the daily activities and habits of both the Wealthy ($160K+ per year, liquid net worth of $3.2M+) and the Poor ($35K- annually, $5K- net liquid worth), and isolated "rich habits" - many simply patterns of thought, based on statements with which they identify.
Some think the Wealthy lead a “charmed life,” but most likely their successes and wealth are due to “self-charm:”  self-actualization, self-empowerment, etc (versus narcissism).
Rearranging the ten points in Ms Kane’s article, and combing two, we have the acronym SelfCharm for being Wealthy:
  • Save - regularly investment - is hugely important.
  • Enjoy one’s work - jobs or business ownership.
  • Likability and consistently developing relationships are highly valuable for professional and personal growth.
  • Fate is determined by one's choices, not genetics or initial socio-economic conditions.
  • Creativity exceeds intelligence and “book learning.”
  • Health and Habits - influence and greatly impact success.
  • American Dream - unlimited potential - is still very possible.
  • Risks are worth taking; failures are lessons that last forever.
  • Meet new people as often as possible to expand relationships.

Side Notes:  
Started out with the flip of charmed life - “LifeCharm” - with Invest instead of Save as in Ms Kane’s article, then a little re-arrangement. 
Saving obviously lacks much ROI, and in some banks it is negative, so wise investment is better.  However, to create liquid savings with a high ROI, pay down 6-24%+ credit balances as your savings plan for high net positive interest gain and usually more liquidity than typical investments.
After that, invest in existing or new suppliers that you’d use, to make sure they are abundantly available to your companies.  Or focus on funds supporting specific industries or groups that you consider important to the future: clean water, eco-friendly precious-metal processing, start-ups in general, reduction of business red-tape, etc.
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