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Golden-Nugget Shares - Business, CRE, Tech, Blockchain and AI - November 19-30

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Commercial Real Estate, Technology, Blockchain and AI

John Carpenter noted Fortune Magazine. BIG BUSINESS is RACING to BUILD BLOCKCHAIN. "Underneath the crypto-hysteria is the grand innovation in the humble realm of accounting. The most bullish acolytes of this electronic book-balancing breakthrough hold that token-based projects will anchor the web’s next revolution, spawning
hashtagcrowdfunded businesses and services that deliver more value to their users while being less dependent on advertisers or rent-seeking middlemen." hashtag#CRE #Technology #AI #MachineLearning #Analysis #Business #Data #Research #Expansion #Investment #Startup (edited; see succinct definition)

Jeffrey Berns and ETHNews. #BLOCKCHAIN COMPANY MAKES SPLASH In NEVADA - "Blockchains LLC made waves earlier this year when it bought 67,000 acres in the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center, not surrounding itself with big tech players like Google and Tesla, but surrounding them! Up to 20K more will be employed - Tesla's Musk plans 7K of those, and encouraged building what people want and need (housing)." More at and next week. #CRE #Technology #Analysis #Business #Investment #Startup (edited)

Kirk Borne noted Western Digital.   #DATA WILL PUT the HUMAN BACK into HUMAN EXPERIENCE (#UX #CX #EX #Analysis #DataScience #Expansion; edited - and
  • "THE MESSAGE IS IN THE MADNESS.  Business is no longer able to keep up with the flood of data from:  social, mobile, internet, intranet, images, video, audio and documents, so what's needed is #business at the speed of data!  Building and maintaining that's quite hard.  SMALL moves by rapidly-moving stakeholders can have HUGE impacts (a 'nudge').  Also, tap into the digital data streams emanating from them to learn how to make moves that will make their life more engaging, efficient and effective!"  
  • "GREAT EXPERIENCES.  People prefer targeted, personalized information and products that meet their specific needs, at a specific time and location, and in the right context, and WILL attract customers, users, employees and referrals to your products, services and business. 
  • "THE YEAR OF THE EXPERIENCE. Personalized experiences are shaping business interactions within your stakeholders is critical audience to retain, delight and build advocacy. Data makes possible more helpful, engaging and delightful experiences:  User (#UX) Empathy, Employee (#EX) AI and Customer (#CX) Knowledge Graph (follows)." 
  • "USER (#UX) EMPATHY - the knowing and understanding how someone feels, and leveraging #analytics for detecting, measuring and responding to your stakeholders, amplified through human-centered design and friction reduction to keep your user moving forward vs stopping and leaving." 
  • "EMPLOYEE (#EX) AI - augmented (or assisted) intelligence. 50%+ of consumers prefer to talk to a customer service bot for simple questions and requests, and customer service EMPLOYEES don’t want to answer non-challenging questions. For employees, add online discussion groups, training programs, customized and personalized company newsletters, and their effectivity analytics. #Analysis #DataScience (edited; continuing this week) https://l
  • "CUSTOMER (#CX) KNOWLEDGE GRAPH - It's pure gold to know what a customer is searching for, which choices are most relevant to that individual, how to spice it up with unexpected results, and how it relates to other customer knowledge. Major Internet search companies know this. The engine is semantics, a knowledge graph or linked data, enriching the experience of each customer so they return again and again!" 
  • "5 EASE's:  Encounter (create awareness among your stakeholders), Expectations (identify your stakeholders’ needs), Empathy (meet your stakeholders at their place of need), Engagement (generate interest and curiosity via data-informed experiences), and Emotion (apply sentiment analysis to discover how the experience made your stakeholders feel?). People won’t forget how they felt when they dealt with you."  
  • "MORE SCIENCE OF EXPERIENCE:  #Mobile apps and services must be natively mobile, more visual than textual, tailored to small-screen format, optimized for touch, swipe and pinch interactions, with easy access to key features and essential content.  Analyze the data of your users’ interactions, and make results actionable.  #Experimentation is key to getting it right.  Find out what works and doesn’t work early and often, with small moves, by making adjustments quickly in an agile framework."
  • "CLEAR MESSAGE.  Improved experience leads to increased loyalty and revenue.  90% of marketers personalize the customer content (#CX), and BETTER CX ALLOWS HIGHER PRICES.  40% of business professionals say employee experience (#EX) is their top focus.  Even small adjustments in personalization and relevance produce a big ROI.  Everyone is moving fast, want experiences that engage them pleasantly and must not clash with their present needs."

Gartner. EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES #HYPECYCLES (#AI #AR #AutonomousVehicles #Blockchain #CyberSecurity #DataScience #IoT #4Dprinting #Robotics #Startup #VR; edited; continuning -  
  • "Innovation Trigger, Peak of Inflated Expections, Trough of Disillusionment, on to Plateau of Productivity, indicated in <2 to 10+ years"
  • "DEMOCRATIZED #AI.  (FREE:  'A CIO’s Guide to AI.')  One of the most disruptive classes of technologies, AI will become more widely available due to cloud computing, open source, a the “maker” community of Developers, Data Scientists and AI Architects.  Autonomous driving Level 5 labels vehicles operating autonomously in all situations and conditions, and controlling all tasks, without a steering wheel, brakes or pedals, these cars could become another living space for families, having far reaching societal impacts."
  • "DIGITALIZED ECOSYSTEMS.  (FREE:  'The CIO’s Guide to Blockchain.') Emerging technologies require support from new technical foundations and more dynamic ecosystems, requiring new business strategies and platform-based business models.  #Blockchain could be a game changer, to increase resilience, reliability, transparency and trust.  #DigitalTwins - virtual representation of a real object - are beginning to gain adoption in maintenance, and Gartner estimates hundreds of millions of things will have digital twins within 5 years."
  • "DO-IT-YOURSELF BIOHACKING.  We're just beginning a 'trans-human' age where hacking biology and 'extending' humans will increase in popularity and availability, from simple diagnostics to neural implants:  technology augmentation, nutrigenomics, experimental biology and grinder biohacking, including very-early disease detection and artificially-cultured / biologically-inspired muscles."
  • "TRANSPARENTLY IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCES. #Technology, such as in smart workspaces, is increasingly human-centric, blurring the lines between people, businesses and things, and extending and enabling a smarter living, work and life experience, with electronic whiteboards, sensors to deliver personalized information and #IoT office supplies."
  • "UBIQUITOUS INFRASTRUCTURE. (FREE: 'A CIO’s Guide to Quantum Computing.') The appearance and growing popularity of cloud computing and the always-on, always-available, limitless infrastructure environment have changed the infrastructure landscape. These technologies will enable a new future of business.  #Quantum computing can operate exponentially faster than conventional computers, which will have a huge impact on optimization, machine learning, encryption, analytics and image analysis. Though general-purpose quantum computers will probably never be realized, the technology holds great potential in narrow, defined areas.  #Neuromorphic hardware are semiconductor devices inspired by neurobiological architecture, which can deliver extreme performance for things like deep neural networks, using less power and offering faster performance than conventional options."

Commercial Real Estate and Business

Don Catalano. "#DRONES are IMPACTING #CRE - it's hard to miss them in the news, and seeing them hanging over your neighbor's compound wouldn't catch you by surprise. These remote-controlled couriers and cameras have had a major impact on many industries, including commercial real estate. If you are a landlord, real estate marketer or a commercial tenant, you need to familiarize yourself with drone technology and its impact on CRE: preparation, #marketing, #inspection and #mapping." #Technology #AI #Business #Research #DIY #Expansion #Investment #Startup (edited; details next week)

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