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Golden-Nugget Shares - Business, CRE, Tech and AI - Sept 24-28

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Commercial Real Estate (CRE), Technology and AI

Richard Belgrave of LEVERTON: AI IMPACTING CRE - "ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE is completely changing the way business is conducted in the real estate space. A decade from having robotic brokers and automated deals, but companies today are already paving the way for AI to become the next revolution It has the potential to put the power of data into the hands of professionals directly. Check back for new and exciting developments." (edited) #CRE #CREtech #AI #PropTech

Prime Takeaway from Forbes' THE FUTURE OF REAL ESTATE TECH: "In 2017, VCs deployed over $5bln in real estate technology, more than 150x the $33mm invested in 2010. Now it's front and center, with 2/3 most-valuable US startups, WeWork and AirBnB. The 3rd, Synthesis Phase is still in its nascent stages, but will have technology more central to their offering." (edited - more next week) #CRE #CREtech #AI #AR #PropTech 

Richard Belgrave and KPMG UK: ENGAGING w/ PROPTECH (#CRE #CREtech #PropTech - Vid and PDF - - "As the 4th industrial revolution continues to blur the lines between the built and digital worlds, we are seeing a significant transformation in the property sector. Key findings of our [downloadable] survey include:
  • "DISRUPTION TO ACCEPTANCE. Property leaders can see where propTech will make a difference,  in better decision making and lower costs, but just 13% are at the cutting edge of . (edited)
  • "COLLABORATION IS KEY: Grow-your-own is rarely an option deploying PropTech.  Partnerships will be key. (edited)
  • "TRANSFORMING COMPANY CULTURE: Technological change is quickly becoming a board-level issue, and new roles such as chief technology officers and chief digital officers are increasingly important.

Dominic Zabriskie of CREtech: RECAPS OF CRETECH CONFERENCE, Los Angeles - "300 attended. For those of you who couldn't make it, here are some Videos of the best parts. Two panel discussions - Tech Perspectives (Pierce R. Neinken, Christopher Rising, Patrick McGrath, Jesse Franklin, Jake Edens) and Fifth Wall Ventures (Brendan Wallace, Natalie Bruss, K.C. Cleary, Brad Greiwe)." #CRE #CREtech #AI

Coldwell Banker Commercial:  AUGMENTED REALITY and ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (#AR #AI #CRE #CREtech,  CRE professionals will need to come up with new and creative ways to pitch assets keeping these massive changes in mind, and understanding that this technology allows collaboration across time zones and oceans, with virtual meetings and AR slashing travel budgets [freeing up capital for better CRE]
  • "OFFICE.  More remote working, robotics, automation, machine learning and AI, could make up to 60% of the workforce disappear from office space. 
  • "INDUSTRIAL. Changes here are closely tied to the changes happening in retail. Distribution channels, manufacturing, and industrial buildings are all being infused with AR and AI to help speed up deliveries, improve warehouse and distribution, and save costs by reducing errors and payroll along these channels.
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Commercial Real Estate (CRE) and Business

Kenton Johnson Comments:
  • Frank Brock made great points, especially about the positive "RIPPLE EFFECT" of making the loan: "Why are mortgage brokers vital to the economic growth of this country?  We get deals done!   While banks turn away 95% of all borrowers who apply, mortgage brokers find ways to close 70% of all applicants taken.   Yes the broker makes money but, so does the: Realtor, title company, home inspector, credit companies, contractors, Etc.   These industry professionals spend money to stimulate the economy." #banking #credit #loans #contractors Link 
  • Jeff Selingo wories that "there are TOO FEW US UNIVERSITIES on the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2019 list.  What can universities in the U.S. do better to compete?" Answer:  US post-secondary education - public, private, junior, technical or prep - needs to focus on next-decade, advanced technology,  entrepreneurialism, deep financial understanding and, of course, the US. (edited) #HigherEducation

Rowan Humphreys of Colliers International: BLOCKCHAIN BANK GUARANTEES - "In Australia, preparation/issuing/amendment and ultimate return of paper bank guarantees in CRE leases is very labour intensive for both landlords and tenants. The solution? Whilst only in an initial test phase, Distributed Ledger using blockchain technology has been successfully tested in the commercial real estate sector for Bank Guarantees." (edited) #CRE #CREtech #PropTech

Michael Beckerman of The News Funnel: LESSONS IN TRANSITION to CRE NEWS (#CRE -

  • "ALL ABOUT PEOPLE. Always surround yourself with people more capable and competent than yourself. I will always be indebted to them for their sacrifices, commitment and loyalty. I hope I earned some small degree of respect from them." (edited)
  • "CHARACTER OVER CASH. Choose associates as carefully as friends. My biggest career mistakes were working with people to grow my business, with too little attention to their character - employee or a client, following the money not my heart, it backfired big time." (edited) 
  • "NEVER EVER GIVE UP, and you will eventually thrive. I could have quit a thousand times, with market crashes, client defections, employees leaving, running out of cash, and people not paying their bills & taking advantage of me. I just kept grinding and knocked down every wall. You can't control circumstances, but you can control how you react to them."  (edited)

Dave Kerpen: SECRETS to loving the WORK YOU'RE WITH (continuing
  • "TURN IT INTO A POSITIVE. I prioritize everything on a to-do list, and get satisfaction from crossing things off the list. Even if the task is not pleasant, knowing that I get to strike a line through it makes it just a little bit better. –Jayna Cooke, CEO, EVENTup" (edited)
  • "GAMIFY IT.  When items on my to-do list constantly get bumped to 'tomorrow,' I play a game. I break up the tasks into smaller, easy to accomplish tasks, set aside 30-minute time increments and see how many I can get done during that time. Adding a competitive goal gives me motivation to get them done.  –Mark Daoust, President & CEO, Quiet Light Brokerage" (edited)

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