Friday, May 31, 2013

RSVP: Seeking REFERRALS to Personnel - Very Part-Time Virtual, then Full-Time On-Location or Virtual

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Recently-Updated version of opportunities at 

Prosper Systems and its clients are rapidly growing so require excellent people ... now

• Time Commitment and Environment 
... Working a couple of hours a week, growing to full time after reaching minimum funding levels 
... Virtually via email, phone, collaborative tools and video conferencing 
... Full time can optionally be on location, later, if reasonable 

• Compensation 
... Deferred but generous monthly compensation, payable after reaching minimum funding levels 
... Profit Sharing on high-potential, near-term $100M to $2B net-profit projects 
... Other lucrative perks 

• Locations - growing to Denver, Phoenix, Palm Springs, Reno, Nevada, California, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska and NE South America 

• Industries - see (includes Mining, Real Estate and High Tech) 

• Referral Fee Schedule - suggest 5-20% as a basis for arrangements with your Referrees 


• Executive Assistant growing to Executive levels (Urgent) 
• SEC Compliance Officer (Urgent) 

• Corporate Counsel 
• Financial Officers 
• Operations Officers 
• Computer professionals (office, communications) 
• Real Estate professionals 
• Engineers (especially Mining)
• Geologists (especially Mining)

• Project Managers 
• Draftspersons 
• Paralegal 
• Administrators 
• Virtual Assistant 

• Others that you or your associates may BOLDLY identify from our webpages 

Please make Referral Fee arrangements with your Referrees in advance. 

Happy to answer questions 10-6 USA Mtn Time (GMT-6) weekdays, other times by appointment. 

Thank you very much, 
Kenton Johnson, Founding Member
ph: (302)KentonJ (Google Voice, 302-536-8665) 


BEWARE: conversion to LinkedIn's NEW CONTACTS is NOT RECOMMENDED.  NEW CONTACTS is seriously defective -- poorly launched as famously done by Microsoft and Google (now coined SoftGoo™): 

• Reverting NOT allowed, 
• NO select and send to a list of contacts, 
• Sync to other contacts is only ONE WAY, 
• NO sorting by Last Name and ... 
• Their blogs allow NO feedback
• They ignore their Help Forums

USA 302KentonJ - GoogleVoice: 302-536-8665; Transcribed Voice Messages and Text; forwards to Mobile (303-770-4022), GoogleTalk and other phones.

For Lucrative Referrals and Participation:  Keep an eye out for Referrals to Companies, Collaborators and Capital for projects that are or will be worth $100M++.  See latest and refer using - worth a minimum of $50K to you per project.  {Yes - upon sale, my current projects will be worth $80K to $8M each to four Referrers and Collaborators (participants) ... so far.}