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Golden-Nugget Shares - Business, CRE, Tech and AI - Oct 22-26

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Commercial Real Estate (CRE), Technology and AI

Xiaorong Yang OVERSTOCK.COM #VC FIRM INVESTS $6 MILLION IN #BLOCKCHAIN - "Overstock’s founder, CEO Bill Ottman, is a firm advocate for blockchain, having launched Medici Ventures in order to help advance distributed ledger technology worldwide as a means to connect the world without transactional middlemen in an era of trust through technology." #Fintech #Technology (edited; picture from -

Michael Beckerman. SINGLE-SOURCE PLATFORM WILL WIN #CRE #TECH RACE. "In the larger-tech landscape, only a few companies dominate - CRE Tech will happen faster. The industries’ CRE professionals simply have no room or time to use multiple tech products for multiple job functions. A handful will emerge with this concept built out because they have the resources, leadership and strategy to get it done." #AI #PropTech (edited -

Pedro Uria-Recio. MACHINE LEARNING 4 CEOS (#Technology #AI #MachineLearning #NeuralNetworks #Analysis #Data #Research, edited; continued from last week -
  • "REINFORCEMENT LEARNING algorithms learn to perform a task simply by doing it, trying to maximize a reward, knowing the current state and the goal, the list of allowable actions and the constraints, and the reward system. Applications include optimizing a trading strategy or a real-time pricing approach, and managing managing exceptions caused by storms in the maritime industry."
  • "CONCLUSION. Machines can be exceptionally good, sometimes far better than humans, doing very specific tasks, but this does not mean a computer can 'understand' what it is working with, how that develops or how to control it ... at least not yet. Humans and AI algorithms will collaborate together, instilling a data-driven culture, and requiring Top Management to understand the basics of the technologies and learn from data." 
Diego Lo Giudice of Forrester Research.  WILL #AI DO PROGRAMMING SOON? (#Technology #DeepLearning #Analysis #Business #Expansion #Startup, edited -
  • "There are programs that can generate other programs, but what about AI programming from a business requirement defined in natural language?  Maybe not very soon, but AI can improve development [see examples], and make programmers more productive and creative - which will them save their jobs," and make companies much more competitive.
  • "I surveyed more than 25 software vendors and system integrators/consulting organizations and a dozen or more experts in software companies about their near-future plans for leveraging AI to improve the way they build and test software. 
  • "Our interviewees saw testing as the most popular phase to apply AI, as quality is of paramount importance in the age of digital acceleration.
  • "In my recent trip to India, Infosys, Wipro, TCS and IBM GBS shared interesting client case studies, and other GSIs have shown me some early accelerators."
Eric Crabb and QSI Facilities. REAL-TIME ALERTS ENABLE PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE AND PROFITABILITY (#CRE #Technology #Analysis #PropTech #Investment, edited -
  • "Proactive, preventative maintenance is about more than just changing filters and checking out your equipment. It uses technology and the IoT to track and manage the systems in your building."
  • "BEGIN REAL-TIME ALERTS / REPORTING NOW. Gather and compile #data from day one, including pictures of the installation to provide a real-time view of the system’s implementation. This ensures the system is functioning correctly, immediately proving its capacity to provide an #ROI."
  • "IMMEDIATE ISSUE IDENTIFICATION, RESPONSE AND RESOLUTION ensure technicians perform the right repair the first time.  In 'reactionary maintenance' a technician is dispatched to identify an issue and make repairs. When connected to the #IoT, issues are identified automatically, triggering an ALERT.  Facility managers can now ensure technicians are on site ASAP, complete the repair, and log the repair to provide additional coaching to the technician if needed."
  • "ACCURATE BUDGETS, REDUCED MAINTENANCE COST AND BETTER CAPITAL PLANNING.  Since the system tracks operating time, facility managers can define budgets with greater precision, not just based on historical data, which may help you gain executive-level support for implementation."
  • "You need QUALIFIED TECHNICIANS, and guidance through appropriate actions and steps to take in the event of an issue.
  • "IMMEDIATE ACTION prevents an issue from spreading, such as higher energy usage in one system when a cooling system fails.
  • "ENSURE YOUR PEACE OF MIND. Proactive, preventative maintenance uses technology and #IoT to track and manage the systems in your building." 
  • How about large phones and tablets with an #AI App on a property for maintenance and new installations to coordinate, operate, enhance and PROTECT the #IoT and CRE technology?
Commercial Real Estate (CRE) and Business

Eli Sabatier via Peter Reiss II. MAIN #CYBERSECURITY THREATS TO YOUR NETWORKS (#Technology, #NetworkSecurity, edited; continued from last week -
  • "Network security professionals have to devote significant resources to EVALUATING cybersecurity threats, which if left unchecked could trigger costly data breaches. Proactive defenses are tailored to stop advanced threats before they can exploit the many possible attack surfaces and settle into the network."
  • "MULTIFACETED CYBERSECURITY SOLUTIONS mitigate common risks.  Many attacks leverage a key weakness in the targeted IT infrastructure - phishing attack or an app / network gear only using a default password.  Modern platforms combat with: (1) multifactor authentication, (2) context-aware analytics and automated engines (with human overseers) and (3) overall structure with threat defense through proactive identification.  They are useful against advanced persistent threats, ransomware and DDoS schemes."
Sam Garner. TIPS TO SKYROCKET BUSINESS (#Business #Leadership, edited -
  • "'TRUST your people and they will prove themselves trustworthy' - give them an A to Z section of the job then let 'em do their thing. 
  • "CONNECTION. A simple 'good morning' or 'how’s everything' can go a long way. Eliminate friction between your staff, and you care about them and their problems. 
  • "Take the INITIATIVE and surprise your staff! Break the routines, you'er one of them and they can connect. Eat and laugh togther."  

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