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Golden InfoNuggets - JAN 14-18 - Business, CRE, Tech, Blockchain and AI

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Angelica Krystle Donati (12 years - entrepreneur, writer).  THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT #CONTECH - "Autodesk purchased construction tech startup PlanGrid for $875M, but ConTech has had much less attention than #PropTech. More than 50% of PropTech seeks to solve sales and leasing issues, while only 16% focuses on construction.  There is a big gap to be filled and huge gains to be made by bringing technological innovation to construction.  Researching ConTech, and its startups, yeilded innovative solutions and the untapped opportunities."  (#2019predictions #CRE #Technology #Analysis #Business #Data #Research #Expansion #Investment #Startup; simple ConTech facts follow; edited -
  • "IS IT #PROPTECH?  There is much construction and management overlap, so ConTech's not siloed - it's used to innovate the way we plan, design and build structures, as well as the manufacture and installation of their components.  ConTech's Building Information Modeling (#BIM) models derived from BIM are PropTech, such as BIM-built building management efficiently managed using AI and AR form BIM's accurate 3D models and centralized data."   #CRE #Technology #Analysis #Business #Data #Research #Startup (edited; previous 
  • "THE TECH? -  NOT just the cute 3D-printed house seen on the 'Net since 2017 - part of ConTech, and perhaps bigger in the future.  The biggest gains are currently in the #management of construction processes, such as #digitalizing construction #workflow #processes.  #Startups are utilizing #AI for workflow management, deploying process #sensors or providing a platform for #data.  #Drones and #MachineLearning do job-site #analysis, and #Robots are tentatively being used.  #Wearable tech is used for worksite safety, and see last post re #BIM.   More aplications and startups in [her] future articles."
  • "#MARKET?  The 2017 global construction industry was worth ~$17T, but >$24T by 2021, though it's very much behind the innovation curve, especially construction methods.  RELATIVELY SMALL.  It's a complex business. Many stakeholders - owners, designers, engineers, contractors, subcontractors, site labor, operators, regulators, planners, local government, the public....  It needs to last for decades and beyond.  Management platforms are an easier sell than new construction methods, which if fail, can have devastating consequences. 
  • "OPPORTUNITY.  The possible gains in this mostly-untouched sector are enormous. But it will require buy-offs by myriad conservative stakeholders and #regulators.  #Investment will be large and lead times long, though returns can be enormous."

Diego Lo Giudice  (33 years - analyst, researcher) was quoted in #AI FOR FINANCE- EASY TO IMAGINE, HARD TO DO:
  • "LINES OF AI aren't easy to draw.  Traditional #MachineLearning using algorithms on structured data is NOT AI, whereas #technology to make sense of unstructured #data is a step toward AI.  
  • "There are TACTICAL and TRANSFORMATIVE parts to AI, and now would be a good time for enterprises to get into it. It can crack some hard problems, requires skills and some learning, but experimenting with this technology and putting it on the side of business - it can do new things."
  • "To CFOs - AI's useful if you scale down expectations and start small, applying it initially to small problems. "he technology is maturing every day. The #research and #algorithms are improving." #Analysis #Business #Startup (edited)
Kirk Borne (37 years - data, science, education).   REAL POWER OF #AI. "It feels like we’re constantly being asked to submit personal data: download an app, redeem that discount, play a video game, [get a price, download content, etc].  AI can be misunderstood if we define it only by what’s seen in media – cute droid sidekicks, facial-recognition software, [robot cop, droids replacing humans, etc]. AI is really much more, or much less (depending on how you look at these representations)." (editor intro) #Technology #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #Analysis #Business #DataScience #Research; edited -
  • "FUTURE OF MARKETING.  The massive data collections being accumulated by nearly every industry and organization fuel powerful #MachineLearning algorithms and to enable game-changing AI, most visibly apparent to us as consumers of products and services.  Providers of goods and services use data, machine learning, and AI to understand us and to get our attention in the crowded noisy marketplace, to detect our consumer sentiment about those products and services, to acquire us as customers, to solidify our loyalty to their products, to predict our behaviors, and to amplify the effectiveness and ROI of their marketing investments." 
  • "MORE ON MARKETING (one lens), which is already personalized to individual consumers, specifically through product recommendation engines, BUT much more data-informed than ever before.  Marketing must rely on #MachineIntelligence to carry most of that load, through #DataAnalytics, #MachineLearning and AI.  But, AI must NOT be considered as 'artificial' intelligence, but as 'augmented,' 'assisted,' and 'actionable' intelligence." 
  • "CLARITY PREVENTS MISUNDERSTANDINGS.  One of the roadblocks to implementing AI is its different meanings.  It may bring to mind #Chatbots, #Robots, #NaturalLanguage Processing, #SentimentAnalysis, #PredictiveAnalytics, #PatternRecognition, #AVs, #RPA, #SmartCities, etc, etc. AI developers must explain clearly what they are doing, how and why.  #MachineLearning and AI helps understand data, but having the most #data is not the only advantage.  Deriving value from the data makes the advantage."
  • "JOB LOSS?  AI and #MachineLearning will enrich #Marketing, making it more personalized, productive and powerful. Tomorrow’s marketer’s work will be more machine-assisted, #data-informed and #insights-driven, providing:  the personal #touch, the subject matter #expertise, the guardianship over proper #algorithm behaviors, the stopgap against #bias creeping into algorithms, and the #historical perspective that is key to most successful marketing.  Other industries will require humans in the loop too.
  • "CHANGE and ENHANCE JOB OPPORTUNITIES  - we expect to see these new roles and the increasing role of AI in such fields as healthcare, manufacturing, customer service, financial services, retail, cybersecurity as well as marketing."

EDR noted this CREtech interview:  #BLOCKCHAIN & #TOKENIZATION in #CRE.  "Only $1.4 trillion of $217 trillion in global developed real estate assets was exchanged in 2017.  Abstract Tokenization is solving this lack of liquidity to increase value and convenience. In addition to the liquidity challenge, a number of traditional CRE primary issuance, record keeping and investor servicing processes are currently not as efficient as they can be, with portions often still being done manually."

Yves Mulkers (17 years - high-tech consultant, entrepreneur). NEXT-GEN DIGITAL #PLATFORMS DRIVE LONG-AWAITED BUSINESS AGILITY.  Extensive article - worth a full read!  INTRO:  "The platform concept is either a TECHNOLOGY platform that plays the role of enabler, or an ECONOMIC one that causes market disruption and establishes new business models, bringing major benefits to the consumers.  5 major business areas experiencing digital transformation through platforms: Business models, Business strategy, Workforce, Customer interactions & Business operations."  Bravo! (edited) #Technology #Analysis #Business #Data #Science #Startup (edited)

Commercial Real Estate and Business

Sam McNeil (37 years - finance, capital). 2018: Texas beats Iran, Iraq,, which led me to "OVER RUSSIA AND SAUDI ARABIA, AMERICA HAS RECLAIMED ITS THRONE atop the oil world. For the first time since 1973, the United States is the world's largest producer of crude oil, thanks to the US shale oil boom. American oil output has more than doubled over the past decade." (edited) #Oil&Gas #Energy #Economics #Investment #Technology (edited -

Don Catalano (30 years - real estate). "TOP #CRE TRENDS, 2019: The #industrial real estate boom will continue; A new-brick-and-mortar #retail boom will begin; The adoption of CRE #tech will grow at a fast pace; #Millennials will be migrating to suburbia; #Costs for #tenant improvements and building #maintenance likely to rise." #2019predictions #AI #Blockchain #Investment (edited -

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