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Golden-Nugget Marketing - Business and CRE - Shares August 27-31

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Last week we introduced a powerful method of marketing - post “Golden Nuggets of Information” on Social Media multiple times daily or in regular emails (every 5-15 days).  We’ve been sharing the essence of articles and a few powerful comments regularly on social media.  They are: 
  • Quickly consumedmemorable and powerful
  • Linked to the source for much-deeper information
  • The editing and summaries show understanding and thought leadership
  • Mainly share content from professionals in Commercial Real Estate, Business Consulting, and Thought and Executive Leadership
  • We share on:  LinkedIn (company)LinkedIn (personal)Twitter (automatically from LinkedIn)Google+Facebook (company), and often Facebook (personal), then highlighted on this Blog (weekly), as a LinkedIn article (weekly) and our Group Announcement Portal (semi-monthly)
  • A full list of these “Updates” is at

Of those shared, the savvy ones Like or Comment on these "Golden Nuggets" as additional exposure, as well as serve the community and remind their followers of their wisdom.


Fabrizio Poli: DRONES ARE CHANGING AVIATION. "A Dubai ruler announced in Apr '17 he wanted 25 percent of all passenger trips in the city to be done by driver-less by 2030, with 10-passenger vans already cruising near the world's tallest building. Soon driver-less, 1-passenger DRONES will be in the skies starting July 2017 [video at], which had their flying debut over one of Dubai's skyscraper hotels." (Edited)

Steven Greene: MASTERMIND GROUPS ACCELERATE - "The goal is to help each other succeed through support and education and well as OTHERS PEOPLES TALENT and insights. Form or join a mastermind group, face to face group, or online forums." (Edited - Search Meetup and the 'Net in your areas)

T. Boone Pickens: FRUGALITY. "Behaviors that my employees have adopted as their own: I don’t leave my office at night without turning my lights off. If I’m about to leave a conference room, I'll walk around the room to turn off the switch ... " (Edited)

Alfred Gizzo: UNDERUTILIZED ONLINE MARKETING STRATEGIES - "FREE ONLINE ADVERTISING. Free advertising is offered by the top search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing and Apple business listings. Search engines are competing for customers so need timely information." (Edited - more next week)

Dave Kerpen: SECRETS to loving the WORK YOU'RE WITH (
  • "Whether you're a peanut vendor, or a middle manager, or the CEO of a global empire, each of us has the freedom to infuse passion and spirit into whatever it is we are doing at this very moment." (Edited)
  • "Take Regular BREAKS. They energize my brain, and help me see 'What's missing?' and helps me avoid silly mistakes like proof-reading after I've pressed send. --Cody McLain, CEO, SupportNinja" I hustle up 3 flights of stairs hourly or so. (Edited)
  • "PAIR IT With Something You Love. After COMPLETING a task you might NOT love, reward yourself immediately with something that generates fonder feelings. Work through mundane tasks in advance of an enjoyable appointment, as a clear stop time and challenge to complete the task efficiently.  –Chuck Cohn, Founder and CEO, Varsity Tutors."  (Edited)
  • "Use GYM TACTICS. I approach work tasks I'm not fond of the same as going to the gym. I tell myself that I must go, but I only have to stay for 15 minutes. Once I am there, fully dressed, and starting to sweat, 15 minutes goes by and usually I'm there for an entire workout. --Kim Kaupe, Co-Founder, ZinePak" (Edited)
  • More to come over the next two weeks

  • "Proper RECORD KEEPING, is too-often lacking among busy entrepreneurs, It's critical to maintain detailed professional financial records and annual fiscal statements, or you'll turn off a lender and shows poor managerial skills." (Edited) 
  • "YOUR PLAN: Be fully prepared with a current business plan, showing past performance of your company, exactly how you will be spending the amount loaned, the competitive advantages, projected results and your capability to service the debt." 
  • More next week

  • "HIGH-PERFORMANCE DIGITAL TEAM, responsible for developing, testing, and implementing a strategy to reach and engage target audiences through digital channels like web, mobile, and social, working hand-in-hand with marketing and product leaders." (Edited) 
  • "CONSUMER EXPERIENCE must drive your consumer or 'user-facing' strategy. Don't believe you know what it "should be" - dooms you to failure. 'If you build it, they will NOT come' is a mantra that might have saved many entrepreneurs from disappointment and defeat!" (Edited) 
  • More next week 
    • "Be a CHAMELEON. Subtly imitating others' language, behavior, or facial expressions eases interactions, increasing liking, trust, and affiliation, and negotiators are 5 times more likely to reach an agreement and increases waiters’ tips by 70%." (Edited) 
    • "Make CONSENSUS VISIBLE. To sway a group your way, build consensus for your ideas and make that support easily observable. Find people who already agree with you, and use their support to convince those on the fence." (Edited) 

    • "The culture you create lays the foundation that enables every other part of the company to grow and succeed." (Edited - steps follow)
    • "EVERYONE’S IDEAS MATTER. Instead of deferring to ideas from the executives, make the meritocracy of your workers' ideas prevail. They are closest to the customer, and the work. Listen first, asking for ideas, then hold all ideas to the same scrutiny." (Edited) 
    • "DOERS.  Academic debates are intellectually stimulating, but don’t get things done. Match inspiration with rigor and rapid experimentation." (Edited) 
    • "REGULAR CHATS can be a great way to diagnose empowered levels.  Ask questions - better than it was six months ago? Making enough progress? What will help you be more effective? Why?" (Edited)

    • "Success comes from your ability to communicate well. To be CLEAR, stop and think, and then proceed slowly, and it the other person still doesn't understand, REPHRASE it and say it again until that person says, 'Ha! Now I understand.'" (Edited) 
    • "There's NOISE between any two responses, such as physical (trucks, TV, other conversations, mechanics), but also internal (hunger, distracted, emotional) that causes other to interpret you in a different way. " (Edited)
    • "ASK QUESTIONS, such as 'How do you mean, or how do you mean exactly?' People will expand to make it clearer, and easier to respond intelligently." (Edited)

    Jack with Suzy Welch: PRESENTATION RULES (
    • "I’ve come to believe public speaking skill - to a 1,000 strangers or five close associates - is more essential than ever - sets your 'communication fingerprint,' My three rules of success ..." (Edited - "rules" to come daily) 
    • "KEEP IT SIMPLE, but not simplistic, just not over-complicated and completely graspable. Know it and have a strong convictions. Don't wind through circuitous thinking to get to points, or bury 'em in data." (Edited) 
    • "TELL WHAT THEY DON’T KNOW.  Don't rehash emails, well-worn messages or stories, or simply read from slides. Surprise and delight with NUGGETS OF INFORMATION - new, interesting, and make them smarter." (Edited)
    • "LET YOUR PASSION RIP.  I'm not completely opposed to pensive, logical, near flatness, versus a whirling dervish you must show them how much you believe and care about the topic at hand. Today when I speak, it is always my most passionate lines that get the most engagement. 'If you’re a bore to the people who work for you, go slap yourself!'" (Edited)

    Dr. Marshall Goldsmith: HOW 2 MANAGE KNOWLEDGE WORKERS ( 
    • LEADERs - DON’T PRETEND TO BE AN EXPERT! "Workers know more about their job than their bosses [and dig deeper to stay up with tech]. So how do you lead today’s highly-skilled professionals? Passion, support growth, value time, build networks and expand meaning," (Edited - details over the next week)
    • "PASSION. Many professionals work long hours, so it’s more crucial than ever that they love their work. Those who LEAD by example and DEMONSTRATE passion help their followers infuse the same passion." (Edited)
    • More next week 

    Oleg Vishnepolsky: Effective PROJECT MANAGEMENT KEYS (
    • "Project managers need to be EMPOWERED TO LEAD. It is time to move into 21st century and call them project leaders!" (Edited) 
      • "You MUST UNDERSTAND what you're managing - product [or service], and the technology behind it, various methodologies, user interfaces, quality assurance aspects, business and product/service strategy." (Edited)
      • "SYNTHESIZE disparate sources of information. Project management is writing a novel from a bunch of short stories." (Edited) 
      • More next two weeks  

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