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Golden InfoNuggets - JAN 21-25 - Business, CRE, Tech, Blockchain and AI


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Angelica Krystle Donati (12 years - entrepreneur, writer).  "#IoT UNDERPINS the #INTELLIGENT #BUILT ENVIRONMENT.  #PropTech attention mushroomed in 2018, from niche play to mainstream in the built environment, to remain competitive.  #Technology is used in diverse ways (#AI can be applied to #property #management #chatbots AND #construction site #safety software).  One constant: the more sophisticated the tech, the more crucial #data is to it.  There much historical data out there, warehoused by property firms and other stakeholders - #sharing will be important, but analyzing and acting on live data is the real #ValueAdd, enabled by the 'Internet of Things' (IoT).  We'll look at the ways IoT underpins the 'intelligent-built' environment:  Smart Cities, #CRE and #Residential."  #Technology #Analysis #Business #PropTech #Research #Expansion #Investment #Startup; edited - for
  • "#SMART CITIES.  #Property life cycle begins with #construction, which should ideally be a part of its design.  Sensors can monitor the structure of an asset or the services that run through it (gas, water, electric), ADN can be used to manage the way the #BuiltEnvironment is utilized.  Smart parking systems are being tested on the streets of Milton Keynes and which the company believes could do away with the need for traffic lights altogether thanks to #V2V (vehicle to vehicle) and #V2X (vehicle to everything) technology.  #IoT can listen to the unseen activities in cities.  Through multi-modal #DataAnalysis we can then uncover greater insights into human behavior in cities; why certain routes are busy at different times of days; whether street networks confuse and alienate certain demographics; and of course, delve deeper into issues such as cognitive load and its relationship to the increases in anxiety and mood disorders."
  • "#SMART #CRE. In #retail, automated checkout hit the headlines when the first Amazon Go store opened in Seattle, but retail stores are using sensors for layout optimization, smart shelves through beacons. In the #office space, many #landlords, #operators and tech providers jumped on the smart bandwagon some time ago.  Buildings are often brimming with #data, but need response systems to improve customer experience (#CX) or #BuildingManagement.  Examples:  platform, integration, occupancy tracking."
  • "#SMART #RESIDENTIAL.  Residential can be more hostile to IoT and #data collection, due to legitimate privacy concerns.  To embrace IoT whilst navigating #privacy:  French Gecina is helping tenants exert more control over their own homes, versus technology controlling them. "The SmartRent smart-home platform uses installed IoT to alert the residents their AC is at risk of failing and sends a maintenance team.  However, the tenant controls all, and operators only see data related to safety measures, with absolutely no information sold to third parties."

Michael Beckerman (29 years - public relations, real estate).  "2018 MID-YEAR CRETECH REPORT [latest to date] The pace of innovation, investment and adoption in the #CRE #tech industry is truly astonishing. In 2011, I knew it would take a great deal of time and patience.  It remained that way until 2017 when things accelerated.   2018 has set records:  #funding, number of #startups scaling and the level of new #talent.  It's not just the size of the funding rounds and amount of #capital being deployed, it's by who:  JLL, Fifth Wall, Camber Creek, Prologis or Hines - making a full-fledged ecosystem." (#Analysis #Business #PropTech #Research #Expansion #Investment; edited -

Jeffrey Hammond (27 years - IT, analysis) via Diego Lo Giudice  (33 years - analyst, researcher).  #MICROSOFT BUILD 2018 - "Today's Microsoft is an increasingly confident organization that is accelerating adoption and support for cloud-native #technologies:  #Windows as an operating system and #Office as a suite evolving toward a Microsoft Platform; A steady maturation of edge #IoT capabilities; Expanded support for modern development of #cloud-native apps; #AI and #MachineLanguage that is ethical and consumable; Interop, interchange and integration."  #Analysis #Business #Data #Research #Expansion #Investment (edited; graphic; for

Andreas Senie (11 years - sales, real estate).  "#PROPTECH'S ACCELERATION + #CRE #TECH'S EXPANSION = CRE's AGE OF COLLABORATION.  CRE adoption of technology has gone from a probability to inevitability.  It's now only a matter of how much impact these technologies will have on the real estate business.  The days of "beltway bob" are long behind us. Although the barriers to success have not changed, levels of personal success, accumulated wealth and expertise are drastically shifting.  To gain competitive edge and understand these shifts we need to look at three things.  (#AI #Blockchain #Analysis #Business #Data #Science #Research #Investment #Startup; edited - for 
  • "#PROPTECH - to date 3,000+ companies are now selling some type of technology and/or automation solution to the industry thanks to over $15B in #investments.  Bottomline investment in this space is at 10.5x companies being funded, 1,048x capital invested annually compared to 2008.  On target for 2018:  $2B in funding = 2x YOY."
  • "GROWTH and ADOPTION.  'It's not just the size of the funding rounds and amount of capital being deployed, it's by who:  JLL, Fifth Wall, Camber Creek, Prologis or Hines.'  - Michael Beckerman.  More and more companies are realizing the advantages of these technologies and are fighting to compete to have the best technology.  All major player in any vertical has a #CIO or #CTO (see "The Rise of The CIO/CTO in Corporate Real Estate" by Honest Buildings)."
  • "HISTORY:  EARLY DAYS:  business was organized on index cards or files - inefficient and difficult to keep current - but leveled the playing field.  An agent's value was relationships in your market, your deals and knowledge of deals in 1-2 towns.  COMPUTER (1+1=3):  with a database of inventory of properties, deals and market knowledge.  Early adopters gained, expanding their relationships, inventory of deals and market comps and geography.   INTERNET:  Online databases allowed agents to scour markets, and to access the same level of coveted deal and comp data as any sized firm.  PROPTECH (2+2=more):  IT services become global, widening geography and relationships - still paramount to success.  Firms can now access more deals than ever, track larger or new markets, some firms are using proprietary comp data and publicly available market data."
  • "AGE OF CRE COLLABORATION (2+2=10).  For the first time in history real estate professionals have the tools needed to execute on as much business as they would like.  Technology continues to open more doors, shining more and more light, into what once was a shadow-filled market segment.  Companies that are embracing this technology are not only embracing transparency but going further and creating systems that have open architecture and can easily integrate with other systems and other partners."   

Don Catalano (30 years - real estate). "#CRE #TECHNOLOGY TRENDS FOR 2019. 2018 has seen much transformation in CRE: competitive home-buying, steady growth in commercial real estate and low interests. There's great rave surrounding Augmented Reality (#AR), Virtual Reality (#VR), Artificial Intelligence (#AI), #Blockchain, #AutonomousVehicles enhancing the emerging technologies covered Jan 2018 [#AR, #VR, #Drones, #IoT, #Big Data, #AI, #Blockchain -]. Beyond the awareness and talk, there's real action as builders are now becoming more creative through the use of technology." (#2019predictions  #Analysis #Business #Data #Science #PropTech #Research #Expansion #Investment #Startup; edited -
  • "#PROPTECH (property technology) is already in the CRE mainstream, covering everything from #investment platforms and #DigitalBrokerage to new #lending services and real estate #apps.   According to CB Insights, it is expected to bring in a new $3.4B in 2018 across 454 equity deals.  As demographics shift and tenant/customer behaviors evolve, this trend will only intensify.  With the provision of flexible #leasing options with features like networking opportunities, events and other business services, PropTech sees a major impact from #RealEstateAsAService and collaboration spaces."
  • "RISE of #AI which has been garnering hype for years now.  We talked about it in 2018 CRE tech trends Tech #startups are integrating AI into their #MarketAnalyses, but the most relevant use of AI and other #emerging technologies will be in #BuildingManagement, #design and organization.  For example, The Edge has discovered a big potential in #analyzing the behavior of users in their shared #office space, using #data in redesigning their workspace layout, refining their offerings and creating a virtuous feedback loop.  For CRE, ULI reports that AI offers building safety and efficiency, as well as property access and security."
  • "CYBER RISK MANAGEMENT.  #RiskManagement has focused on tenant risk, interest rate, and to a degree, portfolio risk. Now, risk expanded with evolving business technology complexities, increasing concern over information #security, #data #privacy and cyber attacks.  2019 will see increased demand for #CyberSecurity, assessing employees' exposure and training them to understand potential threats and implications of cyber attacks and crimes."

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Sam McNeil (37 years - finance, capital) noted Charlie Youakim (19 years - finance). NO-FRILLS APPROACH to #FINANCIALMODELING for #STARTUPS (#Analysis #Business #Data #Research #Investment #SmallBusiness; edited - -> for
  • (Sam) "A proforma financial model is imperative to #raising #capital from institutional investors. To be effective and useful, a model needs to numerically represent the company's strategy and tactics. Importantly, it needs to be straightforward, and not so complex that it is unusable - KISS:"  
  • (Charlie) "#Market sizing [& penetration - cite source]; Unit #economics [know ALL your expenses]; Show your growth [show the strong #IRR and #ROI required by target institutions]; #CustomerLifetimeValue [#CLTV - see article reference]. This is all you should need to set your company up with simple, easy-to-use financial modeling tools."  

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