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Golden-Nugget Marketing - Business and CRE - Shares August 20-24

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A method of marketing is to post “Golden Nuggets of Information” on Social Media multiple times daily or in regular emails (every 5-15 days).  We’ve been sharing the essence of articles and a few powerful comments regularly.  They are: 
  • A service to our busy connections
  • Quickly consumed, memorable and powerful
  • Often immediately useful
  • Linked to the source for much-deeper information
  • We’ll be sharing our own original works as well
  • Helps us stay top-of-mind
  • The editing and summaries show understanding and thought leadership 
We mainly share content from professionals in: 
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Business Consulting
  • Thought and Executive Leadership 
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Guy Minick and Bull Realty: OFFICE RENT GROWTH STEALS THE SHOW - "The first half of 2018 experienced the healthiest rent growth since 2016. Many U.S. metros enjoyed rent growth of 1% in the quarter and 4% year-over-year, according to REIS’ Q2 2018 Office Trends report."

James Altucher: Rules 4 Entrepreneurial Success - "DISTRIBUTION is everything. Branding and distribution are key to your success. Get your name out there, whatever it takes. The best distribution is word of mouth, which is why your initial pricing doesn't matter."

Fabrizio Poli: FEAR OF FLYING? "Overall, car travel is about 100 TIMES deadlier than flying. Aromatherapy, combined with massage, reduced anxiety and improved mood over a six-month period of use." (Edited - see his VIDEO, "25 Reasons Why Fear Of Flying Is Plane Silly")

Benjamin Spall:  "None of the 300 WORLD'S BEST and BRIGHTEST interviewed leave their mornings to chance:  Schedule your mornings, Don't let outside noise creep in, CUT EARLY MORNING CALLS AND MEETINGS." (Edited)


    • "HISTORIC RENOVATION TAX CREDITS. Existing-hotel federal or state tax historic credits, may provide the additional financial incentives required to get the deal done. Determine if retaining the required key elements of the structure is financially viable versus new construction elsewhere." (Edited)

    • "Fully-developed BUSINESS PLAN that's 'finance ready:' permitting issues, marketing feasibility studies, standard hotel performance data comparisons, rehab/conversion inspections and engineering reviews and stand-alone mixed-use hotel and the other component analyses." (Summarized) 

    • "Operating hotels' ACQUISITIONS / RENOVATIONS easier to finance - Hotels with net operating income have cash flow to help secure financing. An acquisition with up-gradable structure and strong market may be an excellent opportunity. Some provide a lower-cost, more financially-sound way to enter a market versus new construction." (Summarized) 

    • "Secure required EQUITY. Project sponsors must secured their equity requirement to be finance ready, well within the sponsors' financial means." (Summarized)
    • "ENSURE MARKET SUPPORTS HOTEL: price point ADR, occupancy target and quality level support pro-forma returns. A lack of successful comparables make for higher risk. Prove demand for YOUR kind of hotel. Branded hotels, especially premium, help underwriters predict performance." (Summarized) 

    Anthony J James:

    For noting: Traveling to Europe as a military kid, and every opportunity since, has opened my eyes to many more opportunities, and allowed me to relate better with people in many other cultures."  

    PREVENT BORING INNOVATION with the BUILD/BURY IT TEST (want a 'Yes!' and Buyers available for those with ALL 'Yes's -
    • "Is it giving customers MORE CHOICE?" Expanding options is REQUIRED due to continually-increasing pre-sales 'Net research and data depth. 
    • "Is it tapping in to talent and ideas normally outside the firm?" 
    •  "Does it change the way you communicate with customers?"
    • "Does the concept change the way your firm makes its products/does business?" (Edited)

    Brad Feld:  

    FUTURE IS HERE - HOLOGRAPHIC DISPLAY. "Until now, no one has been able to make a scalable device that would let groups of people, unaided by a VR or AR headset, see and touch a living and moving 3D world. That’s changing today with the launch of the Looking Glass on Kickstarter." (Edited)

    CHANGE 2% - "To improve your business, focus on changing things by 2%: prices, variable costs, vendor discount, pre/early-pay discount, recurring payables, business discount, cash discount, etc, etc." I suggest 1.02^365 instead of the Feld's 1.01 vs .99^365! (Summarized)

    Michael Beckerman:

    TRUE CRE-TECH INFLUENCERS - "ACCESSIBILITY. THE BEST people respond to [LinkedIn-Invite] call and email [professional collaboration requests and follow-ups]." Top-34 List (Summarized - more to come)

    • "PODCASTS/BLOGS. With social media rapidly increasing in importance and value in the business world, I will take any advice I can get! ... A great example recently of an 'old school' tactic is FUBU founder Daymond John admitting he called up podcaster/blogger, James Altucher, to get on his podcast show!" (Summarized)

      • "MEET someone who is also active on social media in your space. Ask how you can help them build their following and how you might be able to "Collaborate" (along with "Teamwork" are forgotten words these days)." [Edited]

      • "Tweet/POST insights from an EVENT, since the media doesn’t cover a lot of events anymore: be THE SOURCE of content from that event." (Summarized)
      • "TAKE BREAKS! The antithesis of what experts preach, but taking a time-out from posting or writing is actually a good thing. Shows your followers that you a) have a life and b) are more concerned with quality than quantity. If you have nothing to say, don’t say it!" (Summarized)
      • "REACH OUT to people who have strong followings (or who you admire), asking for advice. You'll learn something that you can apply to your own social media strategy - works wonders. Connect on LinkedIn and other platforms." [Edited]


      •  "DON'T BE GREEDY. Price your product inexpensively so people will buy. Then you can price upgrades, future products and future services more expensively." (Edited)
      • "EMPLOYEES NEED BOUNDARIES. Sometimes they need to be told no. But within boundaries, let them play." (Summarized)
      • "BUY EMPLOYEES GIFTS. Massages, Tickets, whatever. Happy employees are productive employees, who are more likely to stick around for the long haul, even if offered more money. And I wanted them to be able to say, 'It was the best! The boss bought us all massages.'"(Edited)
      • "Be GRATEFUL, and pray for success, your customers. and even your competitors - the better they do, the bigger the market gets, and if one of them breaks out, they can buy you!" (Edited)

      Christopher Pennington via Anthony Jackson: BIG MISTAKES with BUSINESS ASSETS & IP (EU/2015 -

      • "THINK THIS IS COMPLICATED Business people are put off by 'taxation' and 'offshoring.' Think of it more as selecting a good pension plan, protecting your revenue to invest in yourself, grow the business faster and enhance your final valuation." (Summarized)
      • "DON’T ACKNOWLEDGE BEST INCORPORATION LOCATION - Just because you live in a place doesn’t mean you have to set up your company there. Select a location to set your international management structure ideally to serve operational needs, and if possible, somewhere where you'd like to spend creative time. Choose a balance between: lifestyle, Tax Incentives, and ease of connection to target locations." (Summarized)
      • "INTELLIGENT PLANNING'S UNETHICAL - The EU has created some amazing Tax & Financing incentives to stimulate Social & Economic diversity across the union. Why wouldn't you explore them further?" [Edited]
      • "FAILURE TO ACKNOWLEDGE IP - Intellectual property is NOT the Entrepreneur. Identify & Register your IP in a corporate entity, with proper Trademarks, Patents, Systems & Processes, ideally in a location where the taxation is low but still onshore - wherever you choose to Incorporate." (Summarized)
      • "THINKING YOU’RE TOO SMALL. Get knowledge today and incorporate it into your business plan. Entrepreneurs can raise money more easily by demonstrating a solid corporate structure." (Edited)

      Fabrizio Poli: "Private-jet HUMANITARIAN MISSIONS have flown for: Disaster relief (flying food, medicine, clothing), Life-flight service (patients for life-saving medical procedures), Emergency transfers (organ, blood, serum), Volunteer transportation (Military Soldiers, Red Cross, National Guard units)." (Summarized)

      Oleg Vishnepolsky:

      Automation will CREATE JOBS- "Tired of hearing of how my beloved technology will cause grief and despair. Serious economists such as Dr. David Autor of MIT and Dr James Bessen of Boston University say that automation and technology has always lead to CREATION of new jobs all throughout history." (Edited)
      ALL REQUIRED SIGNS YOU'RE IN THE RIGHT JOB / WORK - "Employer / Client STATES PLANS clearly. Company should publicly advertise its BRIGHT FUTURE ... and YOURS." (Summarized)
      "PROJECT MANAGERS lead projects and initiatives, discover and manage dependencies, issues and risks, and bring everything to a quick resolution. [KEYS NEXT WEEK] Most importantly, they are responsible to bring projects to successful completions." (Edited - more next week)

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