Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Let's Publish Your Articles

Publishing Articles is one of the best forms of Marketing for Consulting Services, Books or Oneself.

I PUBLISH Blog.ProsperSystems.biz, Blog.CompWellness.biz and CompWellness.net/eJournal, as well as

POST to Groups.google.com/group/ProsperSystems, Health.Groups.yahoo.com/group/21cWellness, Health.Groups.yahoo.com/group/21cWell-Discussion then

ANNOUNCE the updates on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

So, always LOOKING FOR TOP-NOTCH ARTICLES - about 500 words on Business and Health (or both).

Forward yours for review, complete with about a 50-word bio, picture or link to a picture (any size or shape, JPG, GIF or BMP), and a weblink for more information on you (website, LinkedIn profile or a resume/PPT on something like TopVitas.com).

I may do some editing, if you wish, especially if it is from Spanish or another latin language to English, using my Editing.KentonHJohnson.com translation polishing service (no charge for article contributors).

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